Almost 1,200 Hilliard students are expected to graduate next week in commencement ceremonies at the Jerome Schottenstein Center on the campus of the Ohio State University.

Almost 1,200 Hilliard students are expected to graduate next week in commencement ceremonies at the Jerome Schottenstein Center on the campus of the Ohio State University.

Seniors from Davidson High School will be the first to graduate Wednesday, May 27.

Darby High School seniors will follow Thursday, May 28, and Bradley High School seniors are scheduled to graduate on Friday, May 29.

All three ceremonies will begin at 7 p.m.

Superintendent John Marschhausen said students in the three classes of 2015 are prepared for the next phase of their lives.

"We are proud of our graduating seniors," Marschhausen said. "This is an amazing group of young people (who) are truly ready for tomorrow."

The district's mantra is to educate students for the careers of the future.

Marschhausen said the trio of commencement ceremonies provides a final opportunity for the community to support the district's three high schools.

Davidson High School

District officials expect 428 Davidson seniors to graduate May 27.

It will be the largest among the district's three graduating classes.

The valedictorian is Abigail Mills and the salutatorian is Drake Shafer.

Two students tied for the third-highest GPA and will serve as historians: Lillian Saniel-Banrey and Ryan Whitney.

Davidson is the only Hilliard high school to name class historians, according to Stacie Raterman, a spokeswoman for the district.

Mills said she will attend the Ohio State University and major in psychology. She also has an eye on a graduate degree in educational psychology.

Mills said Advanced Placement courses in psychology during her junior year fueled her interest.

"I want to work with kids but I don't want to have all the testing to do that is part of teaching today. ... I want to be a child advocate," Mills said. "I'd like to work with children who have learning disabilities and help teachers make the best lesson plans."

Mills said her 13-year Hilliard education was "amazing."

"My classes were challenging and my teachers strived to ensure I was the best I could be and prepared me and my classmates to be successful leaders of America," she said.

As valedictorian, Mills will address the class and said she would offer some advice to students returning to Davidson.

"You should be able to look back at things and smile," Mills said. "You don't get a chance to have your senior year again."

Principal John Bandow will be celebrating his final commencement at Davidson.

Bandow has been principal at Davidson since 1998 and an assistant principal since it opened in 1989 as Hilliard High School, but in April he was named the district's director of secondary education.

"Even in my last year as principal, I am amazed and inspired by these students who will be (our) accomplished leaders of tomorrow," Bandow said.

Darby High School

District officials expect 363 Darby seniors to graduate May 28.

The valedictorian is Jessica Shrider.

Two classmates tied as salutatorian: Emily Zawadzki and Irene Zhu.

Shrider said she will attend Ashland University and major in integrated mathematics.

She said she wants to be a middle school math teacher and was inspired by two math teachers: Kathleen Litt at Heritage Middle School and Brett Miller at Darby.

Shrider attended Hilliard schools for 13 years and said she is well prepared for college, thanks to the district's dual-enrollment opportunity that will allow her to enroll at Ashland University as a sophomore.

As valedictorian, Shrider will be among the speakers who will address the class of 2015.

"I've been thinking of things I know today that I wish I'd known sooner, and applying it in college (and life)," she said. "I used to be afraid to try new things because I might not be good at it ... but now I know not to be afraid to try new things (or) to fear failure."

She cited as examples the early failures of inventor Thomas Edison and animator Walt Disney.

Principal Joyce Brickley said the senior class been outstanding in all areas.

"They have great passion, whether it is sports, music or classroom activities," Brickley said.

She described the group as "united and adventurous."

"(They) will make some noise out in the world," Brickley said.

Bradley High School

District officials anticipate 402 Bradley seniors will graduate May 29.

The valedictorian is Elizabeth Morris and the salutatorian is Sara Reitz.

Morris said she will attend Ohio State and she plans to major in neuroscience.

"I took a psychology course when I was a junior and became more interested in psychology but also medicine," Morris said. "(Neuroscience) is an opportunity to use parts of both (fields)."

Morris, who attended Hilliard schools since kindergarten, said they prepared her well for college.

"The school system provided me with a lot of diverse opportunities," she said. "Instead of just core classes, I was able to explore a lot both academically and through (extracurricular) activities."

As valedictorian, Morris will be among the speakers to address the class of 2015.

She said many students seem to have expectations and perceptions of each other and themselves.

"I'll be talking about how, as graduates, we will redefine ourselves (and) also about not allowing others to keep defining us," Morris said.

Principal Mindy Mordarski said the senior class accomplished much and she lauded the amount of scholarships the class earned.

"(I) am so proud of our seniors and will certainly miss their contributions they made (all) four years," Mordarski said.