For the past three months I have been spending time with a mentor at ThisWeek Community News.

For the past three months I have been spending time with a mentor at ThisWeek Community News.

My district, Hilliard City Schools, has a program called Career Mentorship in which students can connect with a mentor and spend 50 hours with them to see if a career field is a good fit.

I spent my time with assignment editor Neil Thompson. I aspire to be a journalist, and all the things he taught me will be helpful as I go off to college and even later on when I begin my career.

Mentoring has given me opportunities to learn beyond my high school journalism class.

I write for my school newspaper, Panther Press, but the stories are strictly about Darby High School, whereas at ThisWeek, I got to see the broad range of story ideas Neil and his colleagues have to work with. I even got to write some of those pieces.

I learned a lot from Neil, and he has given me a lot of opportunities to learn new things. I not only learned the writing and editing side of journalism, but also how to interview people and how to use social media as a journalist.

I also learned from the newsroom staff at ThisWeek. Everyone was so kind and they gave me advice I will be able to carry with me forever. They always included me and gave me awesome opportunities to learn and grow as a young journalist.

I never knew how many people it took to publish a newspaper until I started working with my mentor. Neil showed me that it takes a team working together to create each edition. Teamwork and being able to communicate are vital skills for working in journalism, and I got to see how they work firsthand in a friendly environment.

This experience was so amazing. I have learned so many things and met so many amazing people. I'm so grateful that my district gives us this opportunity to go out and work with people in the careers we aspire to pursue.

Kiera Toliver is a senior at Darby High School.