Motorists can look forward to smoother traffic flow at U.S. Route 62 and Duncan Plains Road after a traffic light and turn lanes are added this summer.

Motorists can look forward to smoother traffic flow at U.S. Route 62 and Duncan Plains Road after a traffic light and turn lanes are added this summer.

Sarah Phillips, Johnstown village manager, said turn lanes will be added in all four directions at the intersection, as well as a turn lane going on U.S. 62 westbound at Clover Valley. A traffic light with dedicated left turn signals is also being installed.

The Duncan Plains Road project is a joint effort of the village of Johnstown, the Licking County Area Transportation Study (LCATS) and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Currently, the north side of Duncan Plains is closed and will be for another couple of weeks. Contractors will then move to the south side of Duncan Plains and have it closed for a few weeks while they construct the turn lanes and realign the roadway, Phillips said.

Following that construction, work on U.S. 62 will commence, including the installation of the traffic signal.

Kevin Grathwol, project manager with Stilson Consulting, said the traffic signal will be a decorative mast-arm type installation that includes video detection of vehicles in lieu of more traditional detector loops that are cut into the pavement.

Johnstown Village Council decided to pay for the upgrade to a mast-arm signal because members expect the area will eventually be annexed into the village, Phillips said. She said the mast-arm design is much more aesthetically pleasing as an entrance way into the village.

"It will be the same design as the traffic signals that will be installed at the new Kroger complex and the development at U.S. 62 and Westview Drive," Phillips said.

Grathwol noted that the project's construction start date was May 27. Closure of the north approach of Duncan Plains Road is limited to 14 consecutive calendar days, he said.

Closure of the south approach of Duncan Plains Road, to follow reopening of the north approach, is limited to 21 consecutive calendar days.

When the notice to proceed was issued for the project, the contract was for 120 days of total construction time, Phillips said.

As part of an agreement with Beazer Homes when that developer was given plan approval, Phillips said the village stipulated it would contribute to the cost of improving Duncan Plains at the proposed light at U.S. 62 because ODOT had decided that it would not fund this cost even though it needed to realign the roadway.

When Beazer withdrew from the project, Johnstown Village Council decided it would still pursue the improvements on Duncan Plains and recover its costs when the land is developed.

The village has contributed $121,840 to the project.

The Duncan Plains improvements makes up $90,660 of the total project cost. The traffic signal is $32,180 of the total project cost.

Sandra Mapel, technical study director with LCATS, said the Duncan Plains Road project is "a true collaboration with a lot of entities.

"There's ODOT funding their normal maintenance resurfacing and funding from LCATS," she said. " We get about $1.8-million in federal funds every year and a portion of that is being used. The village of Johnstown also has funding."

The amount funded by LCATS is $360,000 for construction and $67,400 for right-of-way.

"It should all be done this summer," Mapel said. "The project is on the edge of Johnstown, so the county had to act as a pass-through agency."

Kate Stickle, of ODOT, said the state's share of the project is $963,259.30, which includes construction, labor, planning and design.

Completion date is July 31, weather permitting.

The contractor for the project is Shelly & Sands, Inc.