When Christine Scott's dog became very ill after being exposed to lawn treatments eight years ago, she took drastic action to keep her family safe.

When Christine Scott's dog became very ill after being exposed to lawn treatments eight years ago, she took drastic action to keep her family safe.

That action unexpectedly turned into a thriving business manufacturing family-friendly, all-natural cleaning products.

"We're all about making people feel safer and more secure about their environment -- not just the world in general, but the environment of their home, as well," the Johnstown resident and entrepreneur said. "When you find out the truth about what you're putting in your house, you just want to do something about it. That's how we started."

Called Go BioBased, the company's warehouse is located in Reynoldsburg but sells to consumers all over the world.

Products are sold online or can be ordered and shipped by phone. A plant wash the company makes is sold locally at McCullough's Gardens on Jug Street Road. Some of the products available include all-purpose and all-surface cleaners, stain and odor removers, floor cleaners, nursery cleaners, hand wash, pet and equine care products, agricultural products such as plant and yard sprays, and commercial cleaners.

"I worked in the cleaning industry for over 18 years," said Scott, a 1980 graduate of Johnstown High School. "So I understood firsthand the effects toxic chemical cleaning agents were having on me, my employees and the people who purchase and use them, right down to their children and pets. Disinfectants contain pesticides, and who wants to clean their kids' toys with pesticides?"

Scott worked for a company that manufactured cleaning chemicals. When it went out of business, she purchased the equipment at about the same time she started researching disinfectants and pesticides, so she decided to put that all-natural twist to the process.

"Everything seemed to come full circle, letting us know we needed to do this," Scott said of the family-run business she and her husband, Steve, operate. "It's a business, yes, but it's also about educating people.

"We try to make our Web site very information-based so you can make your own decisions about what you use."

Products manufactured by Go BioBased are not only 100-percent all natural and completely free of toxins, but can mean cutting costs in half for consumers, Scott said.

Though that sounds good, she noted most consumers don't understand that those safe cleaning agents also meet or exceed the cleaning punch of their petrochemical counterparts. The "all-natural" label comes from the fact the company's products contain extracts and oils derived from fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetable crops and plant matter.

Plant sprays are some of the most popular products she ships to nurseries and landscaping companies, Scott said. A different type of nursery is a primary focus, as well, for the company's new nursery cleaner, which claims to clean baby's surfaces safely.

"My favorite part of what I do for a living is all the great people I get to talk to every day, from the people who call in angry that their pet was exposed to something harmful and who want something safe, to the guy in Japan who's starting a business with all-natural cleaning agents to the zoo in Australia that wants to use them there," she said. "It's wonderful to help people from all over really understand."

More information about the company is available by calling (877) 865-7984 or online at www.gobiobased.com