To the editor:

To the editor:

I was informed last month of possibly losing my teaching job at Northridge Primary. The first thing that came to my mind wasn't the fact of losing my job, but what would the students and I do without each other.

Also, I've been a teacher for 30 years, and I've never been able to figure out why don't we support our kids, and try and give them the best support we can give.

We are not born grown-ups. Can't we look back and realize the great times we shared in school? When school was out we couldn't wait to see our friends and our favorite teachers again. If we as adults don't do what's right for our kids and other students, there's a possibility they'll miss out on many great memories.

I'm not saying vote yes for the levy, but vote yes to show you support all the kids in the district.

Remember as grown-ups and we see old friends and we say "Remember when?"

Don't we want the students at Northridge to be able to say "Remember when" instead of "I don't remember much, because our school wasn't able to offer a whole lot."

Not only will I miss my kids, but the many stories I've heard throughout the year. I've come to realize the reason I heard the stories -- they know they have a friend who is willing to listen.

As parents and other relatives you're very lucky, because you see your son or daughter for a good portion of the day. I'm also very lucky, because I get to spend 35 minutes with them, and I appreciate that time very much.

Please vote yes for the kids, because I know there's a lot more stories I haven't heard.

Ralph Taylor

Physical education teacher

Northridge Primary