Alexandria Village Council members are asking residents to attend a presentation about water service options at the beginning of their Sept. 1 meeting.

Alexandria Village Council members are asking residents to attend a presentation about water service options at the beginning of their Sept. 1 meeting.

Don Rector, general manager of the Southwest Licking Community Water and Sewer District (SWLCWS), will address council about the possibility of extending water lines to serve the village, member Naomi Compton said at council's Aug. 25 meeting.

Alexandria currently purchases water from Granville, though council member Steven Hicks said the contract has expired. Compton said Granville has not been receptive to increasing the amount of water provided, thereby limiting growth potential for the village.

Hicks explained that the village can't add customers to its half-capacity sewer plant without additional water supply, so it can't spread the cost out to lower bills for current customers.

Compton said Alexandria has wanted to provide utilities out to the 161 corridor for some time.

Meanwhile, water and sewer billing problems continue to plague Alexandria officials and customers alike. Though Amy Kent, village administrator and utility clerk, was unable to attend Tuesday night's meeting, Mayor Harold Lee said software problems are to blame for the latest inconsistencies on customers' bills.

Council member Karen Holt wants to work on the system before the software is replaced.

Lee said customers were charged at least $6 too much last month due to a computer glitch that wasn't caught until half the water bills had been mailed and the other half sealed and stamped.

"I told her (Kent) we'd make it up on the next bill," Lee explained to a standing-room-only crowd in council chambers.

Liberty Street resident Kelli Staley attended to ask the village to fix flooding problems on her street that are damaging her home. Like her husband at council's last meeting, Staley expressed frustration over the village letting problems go un-addressed for months or, in this case, even years.

"We're tired of lip service," Staley said. "We're tired of 'it's the software,' or 'it's too expensive' . Where's the leadership?"

Holt said she would research a solution to the Liberty Street drainage problem.

Council member Bob Brown said Alexandria needs a village administrator with the time and authority to deal with public complaints, street issues and utilities. Kent's job was created by council earlier this summer to handle utility billing and to have extremely limited responsibility under the "administrator" title.

Hicks and Holt argued with Brown that the village can't afford to pay someone to do a full-time administrator's job.

"Until this council shows the citizens of the village they're willing to act as legislators instead of administrators," Brown responded, "no one has a direct line of responsibility."

In other business Tuesday, council reviewed a letter from Stan Robinson, a West Main Street resident and former council member who had a few things to say about the activities of the Parker Park Board.

Council members responded to some points in the letter.

The main issue regarded complaints of council member Scott Hutchinson that the park board had, without competitive bidding, entered into a verbal contract with a local contractor for a walking path to be built with ODNR Nature Works grant funds.

Compton, who chairs the board, said the state told the board it wasn't required to seek bids for the project.

Compton said the park board met last week with village solicitor Mark Gardner to begin the process of advertising for bids.

Robinson's letter also encouraged village officials and the public to "respect dissenting opinions" at what have become increasingly negative public meetings.

Council heard the first reading of an ordinance to apply village zoning to parcels annexed on the west end of town in 2006. Hicks, chair of the Planning & Zoning Commission, said the Old Alexandria Business (OAB) and Medium-Low Density Old Alexandria ((R-3) zoning categories designated for those are the most "lenient to make it as easy as we can on property owners."

Council's next meeting will be held Sept. 1 at 7 p.m. in village council chambers.

In addition to the address by Rector, council anticipates an ordinance to adopt a new police department operating manual identical to those used by the Licking County Sheriff's Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol.