To the editor:

To the editor:

This past June, I attended the Buckeye Boys' State at Bowling Green State University, sponsored by the American Legion. I was accompanied by two other delegates from Johnstown-Monroe High School: Caleb Smith and Cameron Colvin. The three of us were sponsored by Johnstown's American Legion Post 254.

Almost every high school in the state of Ohio sends delegates to Buckeye Boys' State (as well as Buckeye Girls' State, held at Ashland University around the same time as Boys' State), and it is a fantastic opportunity available to outstanding high school students.

At Boys' State, the delegates are part of a mock state, complete with local, county and state governments, judicial offices, police officers and sheriffs. At the commencement of the program, most delegates run for government office, be it at the city, county or state level. If they wish to pursue a career in the justice system at Boys' State, they must pass a mock bar exam.

After the elections (about half of the delegates are elected to office), the delegates begin work in their jobs. If they have been elected to the Boys' State government, they take their office, and if not, they take a job in one of the governmental departments. The elected officials make laws, and Boys' State citizens must follow them, or be arrested and tried in a Boys' State court.

The Boys' State program also features a speakers' program, which this year included an appearance by Gov. Ted Strickland and Ohio State Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer.

The program was highly enjoyable, as well as a unique and a truly hands-on learning experience.

I would like to thank Johnstown's American Legion Post 254 for sponsoring myself and my fellow Johnstown delegates, and I highly recommend the program for any interested high school student.

Drew Petrushka