Northridge treasurer Felicia Drummey has resigned her position effective Friday, March 5, to return to the Big Walnut, where she was employed before joining Northridge 32 months ago.

Northridge treasurer Felicia Drummey has resigned her position effective Friday, March 5, to return to the Big Walnut, where she was employed before joining Northridge 32 months ago.

The Northridge Board of Education officially accepted her resignation during Monday's meeting. Earlier this month, Big Walnut's board approved a three-year contract to hire her as treasurer at an annual salary of $87,000. At Northridge, Drummey was earning $71,750 annually.

She will replace Benjamin Streby, who was hired Jan. 1 as treasurer of the Career and Technology Education Center in Licking County.

Drummey started working part-time at Big Walnut last Monday and will begin full-time on March 8.

"My leaving Northridge is bittersweet for me, because I have grown very fond of the staff, students and community," Drummey told ThisWeek. "Returning to Big Walnut feels a lot like coming home since that is where my school business career began."

Drummey was employed as assistant treasurer of the Big Walnut schools for 11 years prior to joining Northridge. She has been a resident of the Sunbury/Galena community since 1984.

"I have been very content at Northridge but the Big Walnut treasurer's position will provide me with career growth, a shorter commute and quite frankly a larger salary," she said.

"Although I am excited about my new job, I wouldn't trade my experience with Northridge for anything," Drummey said."Due to the high caliber of dedicated people here, I have learned much and grown as a professional. I feel privileged to have been a part of Northridge's shared history and wish only the very best for the future of its schools."

Superintendent John Shepard told ThisWeek that he and Drummey began their current positions at the same time.

"It's like losing my other half," Shepard said. "I think our relationship is unique because we came in together. We faced bumps in the road, but we communicated and could rely on each other. It has been a good couple of years I've had with her. I'm happy for her professionally. I wish her the best."

During her short tenure at Northridge, Drummey initiated the Northridge School District Employee Insurance Committee, Northridge Finance Committee, and she was an active member of the steering committee, levy committee and campaign committee.

For her contributions to the district, the Finance Committee nominated her for the Golden Viking Award she received on Monday.

Before presenting her with the honor, Northridge intermediate principal Robin Elliott said Drummey continuously sought ways to strengthen the financial condition of the district.

"After arriving at Northridge she discovered that the district has not been filing for refunds of the state excise tax on fuel which it had been paying," she said. "Felicia took the initiative to file for a refund of taxes paid in all prior years whose filing deadline had not passed, and she established the procedure to ensure that prospectively the district would file for returns in a timely manner."

Drummey also initiated discussions with Licking County to allow for advances to be made to the district for property tax payments.

Undeterred when her request was rebuffed by the county, she worked with officials including state representatives. Her effort resulted in the institution of advanced payments.

"Most importantly, Felicia has been a trusted counselor and dear friend to all," Elliott said.

Board member Troy Willeke said people don't realize the time commitment Drummey made to the Northridge district.

"We appreciate the countless hours you put in to turn this district around," he said.

"Big Walnut's gain is our loss," board member Brent Garee added.

The district is considering several options for a treasurer's search, including the Licking County Educational Service Center, which would provide services at no cost to Northridge.