The new Johnstown village website will be a "one-stop shop" for residents and potential businesses.

The new Johnstown village website will be a "one-stop shop" for residents and potential businesses.

Village Manager Jim Lenner and council member Carol VanDeest met on March 29 to figure out the finishing touches on the new website.

They believe it will be up and running in two weeks, or by the end of April at the latest. Lenner said the two are writing content and making sure the web links are working correctly.

"It's more streamlined, better organized in terms of how people can get their information," Lenner said. "There will be more information on there in terms of different departments and how to contact different departments and links to the industrial park."

"A municipal website is such an important tool to people wanting to move here, businesses or corporations that want to come here," VanDeest added.

VanDeest is helping create the website's content. She said she volunteered for the job because she's interested in web design and making the village site more viable for residents and businesses.

"It just lacked visitor information. It had some resident information about water, sewer, and utilities. A lot of it was out of date and it was hard to be able to update," she said.

VanDeest said there are going to be sections for new residents and on visitor information, village businesses, a place for residents to print out permit forms, and a page to get updated council agendas and minutes.

There will also be calendar of events and a page solely designated for the industrial park.

"We've got extra space in the industrial park. If they want to see what it's all about, this site for the industrial park will actually say who's already there, what corporations are there and how many square feet," VanDeest said.

Lenner said village officials will have an easier time updating information and residents will be able to get information faster.

"It's basically just a one-button process to put a PDF or word document on the website," Lenner said, "so it's much simpler than what our current one is. We can post different village decisions or ordinances or hot topics that people can scroll through it and see what is most current here in the village."

"I want to make it more useful than it has been in the past," VanDeest said. "I don't just mean for Johnstown, but people coming into Johnstown, new businesses and visitors to the area.

"That's the first thing I do when I'm going someplace," she said. "I get on to their local website to tell me about that area.

Lenner said the village will release the new website name once it goes live.