All the "little" things local school districts do shouldn't be taken for granted, said Johnstown Parent and Teacher Organization treasurer Sara Sparhawk.

All the "little" things local school districts do shouldn't be taken for granted, said Johnstown Parent and Teacher Organization treasurer Sara Sparhawk.

"We would love to have a mom or dad who is looking for a great way to get involved in their child's school," she said. "The PTO is a great opportunity to get to know the teachers, principals and children of the elementary schools, as well as other moms and dads."

Sparhawk said the Johnstown PTO is in need of new officers for the 2012-13 school year. Officer positions include president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, the newly appointed officers can't continue," she said.

Officers attend monthly meetings with the principals in which ideas are discussed, events are planned and financial updates are given. Those meetings are open to all parents and teachers, Sparhawk said.

"The officers work together on various behind the scenes tasks and duties as well," she said.

The Johnstown PTO serves and important role in the community, said Sparhawk.

"The money raised from our fundraisers, the Walk-A-Thon, Secret Santa, the Spring Carnival and Box Tops, goes directly back to the schools," she said, adding that this past school year the Johnstown PTO paid for COSI On Wheels, landscaping, umbrellas for the cottages, snacks for OAA testing, Johnnie Pride ribbons, Battle of the Books T-shirts and trophies, a visit from author Susan Levine and a new swing set at Oregon Elementary School, to be installed later this summer.

"With the points earned from soup labels and Coke rewards, we purchased several new playground toys," Sparhawk said.

The officers ideally would be available through the day to help run the PTO's fundraising events, attend PTO-funded classroom parties like Box-Tops parties and do shopping for fundraisers and parties, among other things, Sparhawk said.

"A specific need the PTO has right now is finding a volunteer or two to plan and coordinate our biggest fundraiser, our Walk-a-Thon," she said.

The Walk-a-Thon is held in September.

"There are always plenty of volunteers on the day of the event, but we need someone to do some upfront planning," she said.

Sparhawk said planning involves determining the prizes to be awarded, ordering those prizes, ordering the envelopes in which the children collect their donations and coordinating with the various school principals throughout the planning process.

"Without a coordinator, the Walk-a-Thon may not happen this year," she said. "So as you can see, PTO is beneficial to both students and teachers. Please consider getting involved so the PTO can continue supporting our kids and teachers."

She said current PTO members thank the local businesses for their support over the years.

"Whether it be a food or monetary donation, or items for our raffle held during the Spring Carnival, we really appreciate and rely on (their) support," Sparhawk said. "We also thank all the parent volunteers who give generously their time to help the PTO run smoothly."

Those interested in becoming officers should call 740-967-1043.