A 14-year veteran has returned to the Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education, just as another board member has resigned.

A 14-year veteran has returned to the Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education, just as another board member has resigned.

The board voted 3-0 on March 18 to appoint former school board member Ruth Ann Booher to fill the seat vacated by John Davis, who resigned effective Feb. 18.

Board president Roger Montgomery informed the board recently, that he would resign as of March 14.

In his letter of resignation, Montgomery wrote, "This letter shall serve as my resignation as a member of the Johnstown-Monroe Board of Education, effective at the end of the business day March 14, 2013, for personal reasons.

"Tendering my resignation at this time, my hope is that the board will work together and unite to achieve what is in the best interest of students of Johnstown. With the many actions that have occurred in the last few months, I encourage each to allow the staff to perform their duties.

"I have always been and always am an advocate for the Johnstown Schools. I do wish the best for Johnstown Schools as it strives to maintain the 'Excellent with Distinction' status."

Board vice president Amy Ramey has stepped up as president.

"I really appreciate (Montgomery's) leadership," Ramey said. "He was very helpful to me personally."

Board member Jim Dodderer was named vice president.

Treasurer Tammy Woods said the board had interviewed all nine people who applied for Davis' position before deciding upon Booher, who would have to run in November to retain the position.

Whoever fills Montgomery's position also would have to run in November. Montgomery's four-year term began Jan. 1, 2012, but winning the election would allow his replacement to fulfill only the last two years of Montgomery's term.

Woods said the board would accept applications for Montgomery's position through March 28. She said she expects the board to hold a special meeting to interview candidates April 1 and then swear in Montgomery's replacement April 15.

Ramey said all candidates who were interviewed for Davis' position were qualified, but Booher had more than 14 years of experience as a board member, with many of those years as board president.

"Ruth Ann really does bring a calm confidence to the board and to the community," Ramey said.

She said Booher's experience would allow her to be "up to speed" with the district's business quickly and "hit the ground running."

"I still have a keen interest in education," Booher said. "It's exciting for me; it's a privilege."

Booher said her main interests at the onset are to encourage better communication within the district and community and to promote the upcoming 8.5-mill renewal levy on the May ballot.

"A community that is polarized is paralyzed," said Booher, who underscored the need for communication and unification within the district. "I'm really concerned about the renewal levy. It must pass. I'm dedicated to the renewal passing."