Billing Connection of Harrison Township has outgrown its leased space at 7889 Broad St. and is moving west into Pataskala.

Billing Connection of Harrison Township has outgrown its leased space at 7889 Broad St. and is moving west into Pataskala.

"It's hard for us to leave," said Melissa Skaggs, vice president of operations. "This is a really nice space."

The 2-year-old company has outgrown the 2,500-square-foot building and is moving into 4,250 square feet at 11001 Broad St., known as the BroadView Plaza.

"We employ people from Newark, Pataskala, Reynoldsburg and Pickerington, and we made a commitment to our employees to stay in this area," Skaggs said.

The company currently employs nine full-timers and has nine part-time positions.

"With additional space, we will have the ability to hire more staff," said Debra Albert, chief operating officer for the company.

Skaggs said the company benefits from a lot of part-time workers.

Albert agreed, saying area teachers and students work for them during the summer.

"A couple (of students) have agreed to stay on once they graduate (from high school) until they go on to college," Albert said. "For some, it's their first job experience."

In the smaller space, Albert said, they currently have employees sharing computer and desk space.

"This will increase our productivity," she said of the new space.

Billing Connection is a company that was started Jan. 1, 2007, in Harrison Township to provide billing systems for small- to medium-size companies.

"A lot of our clients outsource their billing," Skaggs said. "We serve small- to medium-sized companies that do not have the staff or the expertise to do the billing."

She said the company does billing for 26 of the 88 counties' Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (MRDD) boards and six private providers of MRDD services. The company also works with several rehabilitation centers and places like the Excel Academy.

Skaggs said companies document their services and provide documentation to Billing Connection, which then sends bills, follows up on payments, tracks payments and provides reports on a bill's status to its clients.

"We're like a third-party biller," she said.

Skaggs and the company's chief operating officer, Debra Albert, have 35 years of experience in the field and operate the company. Albert said it is important to them to be involved with agencies that help people. Albert said she has a relative with epilepsy who has received help from the local MRDD agency.

"We work in this field because we have a sense of responsibility, and it gives us a connection to the MRDD field," she said. "It allows us to assist in obtaining dollars for the programs they operate and give back to the field. Though we're not directly working with individuals with the MRDD or in a clinic, it does allow us to have a small part in that."

The company will lease the space at BroadView Plaza for the next three years. That is welcome news for Pataskala planning director Dianne Harris.

"That space had been empty for a while," Harris said. "And an empty building doesn't serve anybody."Harris said the business would be in an area zoned for local business and wouldn't require any change in zoning. The city recently adopted the North American Industry Classification System, which helps better explain the specific types of businesses that are permitted in a zoning district. Harris said the city's planning commission allowed medical-billing services to be in a local business district, which means Billing Connections may move in without any type of variance.

"If there's no variance required or conditional-use permits, it is much faster and cheaper and it always feels more business-friendly," Harris said.

Skaggs said the company moved equipment last week and is expected to move its employees the beginning of this week. To support the community in which Skaggs lives, the business tried to use local companies when renovating the BroadView Plaza building.

"We tried in this move to help out other Pataskala businesses, bringing in carpet from a Pataskala business and working with a phone provider in Pataskala," Skaggs said. "We tried to keep as many things local as we could."

Skaggs said the company for two to three months had searched to find the right space, saying office space with ample parking is limited in Pataskala.