Plus: Bed-tax hike eyed as funding source for Babe Ruth World Series; Newark moves toward eminent domain for Waterworks-Deo project

Newark City Council still is trying to determine how to televise its council meetings for the public.

"We've come to the point where we don't have the money to continue televising the way we have been," said Newark City Councilwoman Irene Kennedy, who chairs council's ways and means committee.

Council has sponsors who currently pay Newark High School's electronic-media class to tape and edit two council meetings monthly. The meetings then are shown on local cable-access channel 19.

The committee looked at three options Monday:

Have each council member donate $250.

Seek more donations from businesses.

Go to a live Webcast, thus reducing city costs.

The committee did not make any decisions Monday.

Kennedy said she wants the city's administration to research all options.

Newark, Babe Ruth eye bed-tax hike as funding source
Newark City Council is trying to keep the Babe Ruth World Series in Newark by finding a future funding source for the series.

Dave Froelich, a spokesman for the event, asked Newark City Council's economic-development committee Monday about the possibility of increasing the local bed tax on hotels and motels to help fund the event.

Susan Fryer, executive director of the Licking County Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the bed tax could be increased by a local person who lobbies state legislators. She said the local hotel and motel owners and managers do not want the bed tax increased from 3 percent because it helps them attract business.

Council decided to forward legislation to council to "support the Babe Ruth National Complex and Babe Ruth World Series and encouraging the administration to actively support the same."

Newark moves toward eminent domain for Waterworks-Deo alignment
Newark City Council's service committee agreed on Monday to take proceed with acquiring five properties for the Waterworks Road-Deo Drive alignment project through eminent domain.

In April, council approved a resolution of intent to start the process for the city to take four properties for the project.

On Monday, city engineer Brian Morehead said the city needs to add another property to that list.

The city is acquiring about 30 properties for the $3-million project, which involves moving the west end of Waterworks south to better align with Deo Drive. The existing portion of Waterworks will become a cul-de-sac at the railroad, with no railroad crossing. The Waterworks intersection with Mount Vernon Road will remain open, but the traffic signal will be removed. The railroad crossing will be moved south to the new aligned road.

Morehead said the city has had appraisals done on the properties and has negotiated in good faith.

The attorney for the property owners has stopped negotiations so the city will file in Licking County Common Pleas Court to appropriate the properties for the project.

The committee on Monday approved requested legislation that will be forwarded to Newark City Council.