To the editor:

To the editor:

You can always count on smart, innovative kids to break through the political hot air and show some adults that doing the right thing usually goes a lot further than procrastinating or doing nothing.

A lot of politicians could learn from a heartwarming incident last week, when the Watkins Memorial High School girls tennis team sent a sizeable donation to the neighboring Reynoldsburg team, staging a car wash recently.

The Raiders were forced to scrounge around for a few extra dollars to help with the exorbitant school board-sanctioned participation fees -- the result of the failed operating levy in the spring.

The Watkins athletes showed the most incredible display of sportsmanship. While Watkins and Reynoldsburg are competing in this tennis season, off the courts both teams have sweet, compassionate athletes.

Watkins' understanding that Reynoldsburg's levy failure and the high play-to-play fees might not be too far from their own situation perhaps in the future showed maturity and an adult-like approach to life. We are constantly reminded about the athletes at the South-Western City Schools who don't even have a chance to play sports these days because of the budget situation there.

So to the Watkins girls tennis team, a big thank you from me and from the girls and parents in Reynoldsburg. Their team, their coaches and many of their parents are examples that citizens and politicians should follow. It's people like them that make it easier to cope with the harsh reality of life.

Les Somogyi

Head Coach, Girls Tennis

Reynoldsburg High School