The Jersey Township planning committee met Jan. 27 to revise and update the township's comprehensive plan.

The Jersey Township planning committee met Jan. 27 to revise and update the township's comprehensive plan.

Ryan Edwards, a planner with the Licking County Planning Department, told the committee he would prepare the comprehensive plan for public approval, based on the revisions adopted during the meeting.

"I would like to deliver a whole draft document next month, based on all the goals and objectives that we have up until this point -- the reason being that I know you want to get started on your zoning as soon as you can," he said. "It's important to your community."

Edwards also summed up the community's response in the public surveys concerning future land-use planning: Residents indicated they like Jersey Township's "rural lifestyle" but are interested in opportunities for business and commercial development. He said he believes the comprehensive plan is in line with this response.

"I think you have delivered on what the city has said in the survey," he said.

During the meeting, the committee reviewed its goals and strategies as laid out in the comprehensive plan, discussing such issues as the future locations of neighborhood commercial areas, supporting commercial development, the installation and extension of central water and sewer facilities, creating "multi-modal" transportation methods to encourage interconnectivity with neighboring communities and outlining standards for signage and lighting. In all areas, the committee strove to emphasize the maintenance of the "rural aesthetic" and avoid a "sprawling suburban look" in Jersey Township.

"We want to continue the feel New Albany has created to the west, without deviation as it spreads further to the east," said Jim Zablocki, a member of its planning committee.

The committee tentatively is planning a public meeting in late March or early April to present the comprehensive plan to the residents of Jersey Township. If the public is satisfied and the committee motions to recommend approval, the comprehensive plan will be ready for submission to the township trustees, who ultimately will decide whether to adopt the plan and submit it to the Licking County commissioners.