Former Etna Township trustee Gary Burkholder gave the township's comprehensive-plan committee an earful May 25.

Former Etna Township trustee Gary Burkholder gave the township's comprehensive-plan committee an earful May 25.

The committee has put together a plan for the state Route 310 corridor.

"The 310 corridor is the foundation of the comprehensive plan," trustee Randy Foor has said. "If we can't come to agreement on this, then there's no point in going forward."

The committee recently presented its zoning recommendations for only the Route 310 corridor - roughly the section of Route 310 south of Pataskala to slightly south of I-70 - to the trustees as the committee continues to work on the rest of the township.

Burkholder, president of the Cumberland Trail Homeowners Association, pointed out what he said is a fault in the plan's depiction of two reserves in that area, saying they violate zoning codes.

"We feel it can have a negative impact on the subdivision," he said. "The one to the north has been in litigation both at the township level and at the Cumberland Trail Homeowners Association level. This map shows an incorrect use which we feel might be used to rezone that away from its current use, which is exactly what the litigation was about."

Burkholder then mentioned that he had brought the problem to the committee's and trustees' attention numerous times but it wasn't addressed until the May 25 meeting.

He also accused the committee of lacking transparency.

"I am concerned that numerous mistakes in this draft and the public never had the opportunity to see it corrected before the public hearing," he said. "That is simply unacceptable, and it lacks transparency, quite frankly."

Burkholder also criticized the manner in which the committee's plan was put together.

"We don't support this plan. It is a nine-page plan that was put together in a month by the county planner," he said. " I don't think county planning has our best interests in mind."

Harkness said he does not know why the new plan was not adopted, "Other than it has never gained support by any of the trustees."

A Route 310 corridor plan that Columbus-based design firm MSI initially had developed in 2007 was never adopted. The trustees asked the comprehensive-plan committee to "fine-tune" the plan based on a 2008 community survey and continuing public input.

Burkholder, who favors MSI's plan, said the committee and the trustees have ignored what he feels is a more detailed comprehensive plan.

"It was done by a professional planning firm; it's over 60 pages long; and the Etna Township taxpayers paid over $34,000 for this," he said. "This new plan lacks standards, lacks detail and gives developers more latitude to do what they want. The other one would better protect the corridor."

Harkness said he always takes the public's comments into consideration.

"We will try to come up with the best plan for the entire township, not an individual person or parcel, but the entire township," he said.