Pataskala officials this year plan to repair more streets than expected.

Pataskala officials this year plan to repair more streets than expected.

Pataskala City Council on Jan. 27 agreed in a special meeting to add $250,000 to this year's Road Asset Management Plan, bringing the total allocation for 2014 to more than $1.25 million.

The city borrowed $1.355 million to complete RAMP projects in 2013.

City Council unanimously voted to waive the three readings of the ordinance and unanimously approved the ordinance that allows the city to advertise for bids for the projects.

The bids will be reviewed by the city's street committee before being awarded.

Some of the roads in the worst condition will be ground down to have pavement replaced, city officials said. Others in better condition will be paved or sealed.

The estimated cost of all the projects is $1,263,000.

The 2014 RAMP now includes resurfacing of: Cable Road between Courter and Headleys Mill roads; Lincoln Street between Licking and Wood streets; Coronado Drive; Fairgrounds Street; streets in the Oaks subdivision; Courter Road; and Connor Avenue.

Connor Avenue was added back into the plan although the street committee previously had removed it.

Pataskala City Council also agreed to resurface all roads in the Bright Waters subdivision: Key Boulevard, Mohican Lane, Shawnee Loop North and South and Indian Court, all of which were supposed to be repaired in 2013 with a process called microsurfacing, and White Path and South Fork Circle, which were not included in the microsurfacing project.

Microsurfacing is "a polymer-modified cold-mix paving system" that is expected to lengthen the life of a street by filling ruts and leaving a smooth, sealed surface, according to the International Slurry Surfacing Association.

Residents complained to City Council in October that the surface was uneven and cracking.

Benjamin King, the city's public-services director, said it will cost an estimated $243,000 to grind two inches off the surface of the four streets and add two inches of pavement.

John Gross of Stantec Engineering, the city's contracted engineering firm, said Pataskala has withheld $100,000 from contractors who completed the work in 2013. He said $35,000 of that sum will be used to repair the Bright Waters roads.

King said the Bright Waters work will be completed by Shelly and Sands of Columbus, which last year subcontracted the microsurfacing work to American Pavements of Plain City.

King said Shelly and Sands will do the work at a low cost and accept it as a change order to the 2013 project.

City Council President Dan Hayes said if the city is going to mill and repave the northern roads in Bright Waters, it should resurface the subdivision's southern two streets, as well.

King said the cost would be $120,000 to pave the rest of the subdivision roads, which are White Path and South Fork Circle.

Council agreed to include those two streets in the 2014 RAMP but was unsure from where to draw the funds.

In December, City Council removed several projects from the 2014 budget and allocated the funds elsewhere, but City Council members couldn't remember how the funds had been allocated and requested clarification at a future meeting.

According to the Dec. 16 minutes, City Council approved a motion "to eliminate the park coordinator position and the planning and zoning park survey and allocate $61,321 savings to the general fund, parks and lands general operating budget" and approved a motion "to remove the municipal parking lot, lower lot, and transfer into the RAMP."

Paving the lower lot of Municipal Park was estimated to cost $150,000.