A sharing agreement for using the Veterans Auditorium in county office building was reached when Union County Commissioners and members of the Children's Summer Theatre Workshop came together on Oct. 20.

A sharing agreement for using the Veterans Auditorium in county office building was reached when Union County Commissioners and members of the Children's Summer Theatre Workshop came together on Oct. 20.

Karen Rogers, the former parent advisor for the Children's Summer Theatre Workshop who retired at the end of this year's production, attended the commissioners meeting with incoming parent adviser Candy Sweeney and Pam Klaus.

"We just want to talk about the rental agreement for next summer for the Summer Theatre Workshop in light of the 12-day policy that everybody in town is talking about with regard to the theater," said Rogers.

As she retired, Rogers said, the theater group planned for the regular six-week summer schedule which runs Monday through Friday before the show, produced by teenagers, in July.

Afterward, she said, she received a note saying that the rental policy for the auditorium was being reconsidered.

"We still want to keep our schedule if it is possible," Rogers said.

Tying up the auditorium for weeks on end has proven problematic, according to Commissioner Tom McCarthy.

"If people want to use the auditorium, how do we ration it?" he asked.

McCarthy and fellow Commissioners Gary Lee and Charles Hall said they are having particular problems in finding a place to hold Sheriff Sales.

"The biggest one is the sheriffs sale with all the foreclosures," Lee said. "We used to do it over in the courthouse, but there's not enough room over there."

Hall said they also tried to hold the sheriff sales in the commissioners' meeting room, but again there was not enough room.

The sales start at 10 a.m. about once a month, according to Hall.

Clerk Rebecca Roush said the days are whenever the sheriff schedules it.

"We could work around other needs," Sweeney said.

The spirit of cooperation, according to Lee, is precisely what the commissioners sought.

"It is not on a regular basis," he said, "but occasionally someone comes in a week ahead of time desperate for a quality location to hold a bonafide event. We say, 'No, we're sorry, because Summer Theatre is in there.' Well, that isn't fair to the public in general."

Rogers agreed.

"What we are looking for is working relationships," said Lee. "Most of them will be plenty of notice, but there is an outside chance that maybe somebody's got an event scheduled for the Community Center and something comes up."

McCarthy wanted to make it clear that the auditorium cannot be set aside for only the Children's Summer Theatre Workshop purposes, and Sweeney agreed.

"To your credit," McCarthy said, "you are self-supporting. To my knowledge there has never been any money from the county go into the enterprise. It is a great thing for the kids."

To prepare for the shows, he said, the theater group has painted and replaced items in the auditorium.

Lee said spotlights were installed by the group.

Sweeney said the group will make a point of staying in touch every week during the summer to determine if there is another need.

Lee also asked the group to keep the children involved in the Summer Theatre Workshop from wandering into the hallways and disturbing meetings in a nearby conference room.

McCarthy said an arts council was appointed. The commissioners hoped would resolve scheduling conflicts, establish rules and collaborate with all groups wanting to use the auditorium.

"That worked only about a year," he said.

Lee said the county put $5,000 in its budget for the arts council.

McCarthy said the idea was to also bring in programs, such as a director from Otterbein College or The Ohio State University for a special program, and concerts.

Rogers said the theater group is hoping to start a program for older teens.

The 22nd Care Train Auction will be featured at McAuliffe's Ace Hardware from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Dec. 13.

In conjunction with the drive, Klaus said, the Cardinal Health orchestra will host its second annual benefit concert for the Care Train. The concert, which is open to the public, will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 13 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

It is one of the events which will be free of charge.

"Our responsibility is to make sure we have a wonderful facility open to people other than theater groups," Lee said.