Roads are literally being paved so a company will find its way into Marysville.

Roads are literally being paved so a company will find its way into Marysville.

Spreading out an aerial map of Scottslawn before the Union County commissioners on Jan. 26, engineer Jeff Stauch pointed out a job-ready site in an area annexed into Marysville.

Marysville city engineer Valerie Kingman and assistant engineer Brian Palmer met with Stauch a week earlier to coordinate a plan for the property along Scottslawn Road.

"The state had grant money available a few years ago," Stauch said on Jan. 28. "A portion of the money was earmarked for a job-ready site."

The city, he said, applied for the grant and plans to prepare a site by providing infrastructure, such as roadways, water and sewer, in hopes that a customer will come in and find it to be an ideal location for a company.

The county has been drawn into the discussions because of a 1,400-foot-long section of roadway that is still in its jurisdiction.

"They want to coordinate with us to make sure that we know what is happening to the road and how the traffic will be maintained," he said.

Water lines will run along the road to the site.

Stauch told commissioners that he did not have many details because the project is just getting started. After the water lines are installed, Stauch said, pavement has to be put in place by the end of the year.

Commissioner Tom McCarthy asked if the pavement is internal or if a roadway needs to be installed.

Stauch said one access will be provided to the site, but turn lanes will be installed.

Gas and sewer lines will be laid from a different direction than the water lines.

By having a job-ready, or shovel-ready, site, Stauch said, a company can come in with plans for a building and be ready to open as soon as it is built.

With the buildup of the pavement and width of the road, Stauch said, he has had some discussions with an adjoining farmer. Stauch told commissioners that the farmer's main concerns are access, his driveway and drainage.

The city, he said, has done a good job of keeping the county in the loop.