The city of Marysville has requested federal funding assistance for two major projects.

The city of Marysville has requested federal funding assistance for two major projects.

Mayor Chris Schmenk told city council members Thursday night that the city is seeking federal funds to help pay for improvements to the state Route 31 and 4 intersection and also is asking for help with planning costs for a proposed new city water treatment facility.

Schmenk said those funding requests have been submitted to the offices of U.S. Sen. George Voinovich, (R-Ohio), and U.S. Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, (D-Ohio).

Schmenk said the intersection improvement project is badly needed.

"The traffic there and the large volume of vehicles that go through there daily definitely is causing issues," she said.

Coincidentally, aides from the offices of those legislators were in Marysville on Thursday, Schmenk said.

"We had a visit from an aide with Sen. Voinovich and we took her on a visit to our current water facility and we took her on a tour of the area in question at the interchange of routes 31 and 4," Schmenk said. "We didn't plan the timing to happen this way, but at the time we got to the 31 and 4 intersection it was about 3:15 to 3:30, right at the heart of Honda traffic and school buses were merging in and out. It really gave her a good picture of what residents deal with on a daily basis there."

The city is seeking $2.5-million in federal funds to help with the costs of the intersection improvement project and another $5.75-million for planning and design costs associated with a new water plant.

During a meeting Thursday with Kilroy's aide, Schmenk said those two projects were discussed, as well as other city projects being submitted for consideration under the federal economic stimulus program.

City engineer Valerie Klingman said the city has submitted a list of 21 projects to Gov. Ted Strickland's Web site for consideration for federal stimulus funds. The total funding being sought for those projects is $82.8-million.

"We have put together a variety of projects," Klingman said. "There is infrastructure, there is water, roads, sewers, bridges. We have safety services facilities. We didn't know what the focus or the basis for the funding would be, so we wanted to make sure we had all of our bases covered."

Klingman said all of the projects are included in current or future city plans.

"They are all things that we would be doing anyway at some point," she said. "We tried to look at projects that if we needed to could be started in short order. So we have low, medium and high priorities, but we also have what our estimate was that if we did get funding, how quickly we could move it into construction."

The projects on that list and funding requested included:

Delaware Avenue widening project, $450,000.

Columbus Avenue/Industrial Parkway culvert replacement, $275,000.

Milford Avenue/Maple Street intersection improvement, $275,000.

North Main Street sanitary sewer improvements, $225,000.

Five Points Intersection/East Fifth Street rerouting, $1.25-million.

Maple Street bridge over Mill Creek replacement, $1.9-million.

Citywide repaving program, $5-million.

New fire station, $5.5-million.

New water tower and related facilities, $2.5-million.

New police and municipal court facility, $14.6-million.

Removal of insufficient sanitary with gravity sewers for the Southwest Trunk Sewer, $35-million.

Elimination of the Cherry Street/Carriage Access Lift Station, $2-million.

Sanitary collection/maintenance facility at the new water reclamation facility, $2-million.

Town Run matching construction costs, $300,000.

Town Run engineering costs, $85,000.

Timberview basin/London Avenue storm sewer, $635,000.

Lower Southeast Town Run basins/Walnut Street sewers, $1.3-million.

Marysville School Detention/Milford Avenue culvert, $535,000.

Maple and Milford sidewalk extension, $510,000.