Getting a copy of your birth certificate will now be easier in Union County.

Getting a copy of your birth certificate will now be easier in Union County.

The county's health department can now issue birth certificates to people born anywhere in Ohio, according to public information officer Jennifer Thrush. The change comes following a new statewide improvement project initiated earlier this month, and the department is one of many that began offering the new service last week, Thrush said.

"These changes will help to streamline birth-record requests across the state and more quickly connect Ohioans with essential records," said Alvin Jackson, ODH director. "They will be especially helpful for individuals who need a birth record in a hurry; a person will now be able to travel to the closest office and purchase the record they need."

Previously an Ohioan had to go to the county of birth to acquire a birth certificate copy. In 2006, the Ohio Department of Health began scanning more than 20-million birth certificates, with the oldest dating back to 1908, according to Thrush. The project was completed this month.

Thrush said that issuing birth certificates is one of the Health Department's most-used services, with an average of 150 birth certificates issued each month in 2010.

While the cost varies from county to county, the cost in Union is $22. Thrush said that birth certificate copies are available on request Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thoserequesting must provide the name on the birth certificate, the date of birth and the parents' names, including the mother's maiden name.

For more information, call 937-642-2053.