A Marysville-based writers group, Fiction Flurry, has published an anthology of short stories entitled "Tales of Summer Romance."

A Marysville-based writers group, Fiction Flurry, has published an anthology of short stories entitled "Tales of Summer Romance."

The collection features seven stories ranging from historical to contemporary romance genres from local authors Michele Buchholz, Rachel Dilley, Michele Downey, Colleen Scott and Beth Zellner, all of Marysville; Susan Gee Heino of Richwood; and Erin Millar of Columbus.

Although she was an English major in college, Dilley never had done any creative writing for herself. She said she decided to reach out locally to anyone interested in starting a writers group and in January 2009, the writers had their first meeting. They have met biweekly ever since to assist each other with various writing projects; currently, Fiction Flurry has eight regular members.

"All of us write in different genres," Dilley said. "We have some people who write literary fiction, others write romance, some of us write contemporary.

"There are some writers groups who focus on one particular genre, however, since we don't, we liked the name Fiction Flurry because it's just a whole bunch of different genres all mixed up," she said.

The frustrating process of getting a book published led the group to experiment with writing an e-book, Dilley said.

"There are some of us who are published, some of us who are not," she said. "We thought it would be a fun, collective project to work on; to put together a collection of short stories and publish it as an e-book."

The writers began drafting stories in May, critiqued each other's work and had a couple of rounds of revisions before going about the e-publishing process in late June, Dilley said.

"Tales of Summer Romance" became available online on June 27, and recently increased its distribution to mainstream online booksellers.

"It's exciting to see your name in print and see it available on all the major booksellers' websites," Dilley said. "We're very hopeful and excited about the future of the book."

Fiction Flurry will donate half the proceeds from the e-book's net sales between now and Dec. 31 to the Union County Humane Society.

"There are so many authors involved with the project it was hard to know how much money the book would make and we decided that the whole purpose for the book wasn't to make money anyway, it was for the experience," Dilley said. "We mulled around a number of different local organizations to contribute to."

Since all of the writers own and love pets, they chose to donate to the Humane Society, Dilley said.

"We really just wanted to give something back to our community," she said.

Steffen Baldwin, director of the Union County Humane Society, said it was an honor to be chosen by Fiction Flurry.

According to Baldwin, the money donated by Fiction Flurry will go toward the shelter's Help Us Grow (HUG) expansion campaign.

"We're out of room right now. We operate at about 120-130 percent capacity," Baldwin said, explaining that in order to accommodate the number of animals, some have to be placed in foster care, hallways and office space.

Baldwin said HUG's goal is to raise $400,000 by the summer of 2012 to double the size of the shelter. To date, the campaign has raised approximately $80,000.

Fiction Flurry will continue to meet; members have discussed publishing a fall or Christmas collection of stories, but nothing has been finalized at this time, Dilley said.

"Tales of Summer Romance" is available for purchase for $2.99 on iTunes, barnesandnoble.com and smashwords.com, and will soon be available on amazon.com.