Marysville's city engineering staff is keeping busy with multiple projects and City Administrator Terry Emery says they are keeping up with it all.

Marysville's city engineering staff is keeping busy with multiple projects and City Administrator Terry Emery says they are keeping up with it all.

Several of the projects were discused during the Aug. 22 meeting of city council's public safety committee.

Work on the new Municipal Services Complex (MSC) in Uptown Marysville will get started soon, he said. The city must relocate sanitary sewer lines as part of the project. The staff hopes the project will be done before the existing fire station is razed.

City Engineer Valerie Klingman said the portion of the fire station known as the Academy Building would start coming down the week of Sept. 17.

"City crews will demo the building. Some of the roofing has already come off," Klingman said.

The city is working with Bob Parrott, Union County Historical Society president, to salvage different pieces of the roof and the brick to incorporate into the new MSC building.

The intent is that as soon as the fire department moves out of the old fire station and into the new County Home Road fire station, construction for the MSC will begin the next day.

City officials hope the new complex will be done in September 2013.

Building construction is not the only project in town. The city has received complaints about traffic and the contractor at the state Route 4 bridge project. Since it is an Ohio Department of Transportation project, those complaints have been forwarded to ODOT; officials there have assured the city that those concerns are being addressed.

Just down the road from the state Route 4 bridge project, the County Home Road project is currently in Phase I, which involves widening pavement on the Cook property side. Workers are putting in the new pavement so they can relocate traffic. In Phase II, workers will start taking the hill down and do more major work. Phases II and III will involve erecting a temporary signal , probably in early September.

City Council member Tracy Richardson, who sits on the public service committee, asked if the staff has thought about getting some extra help with traffic on Saturday mornings when football and soccer starts.

Klingman said they have asked ODOTofficials to make allowances for those days, particularly in the evenings and on Saturday mornings, to give more priority to County Home Road to get people in and out. During the weekdays, priority will be given to state Route 4 traffic.

The Cherry Street/Waldo Road bridge project is alomost completed. Klingman said the county engineer reports it should be complete by early September.

Not long after that project wraps up, the Maple Street bridge project is scheduled to start. It will require closure of the road for up to 60 days. Work is scheduled to start on Sept. 24 and should be finished around Thanksgiving.

City officials are keeping school district officials in the loop because it will affect students who walk to school.

Students have new sidewalks to use farther north on Maple Street. Those sidewalks are part of the Safe Routes to School project and are supposed to be completed by the end of August, but work there is ahead of schedule.

The County Home Road fire station is scheduled to be ready for an open house on Sept. 11. However, there have been delays on the police and court facilities because of changes made to security and camera systems.

The city still expects it to open early January. There will be a tour of the Proficiency and Qualifications Center on Sept. 27. It is 90 percent completed.

While some road construction projects are just starting, the city's 2012 pavement maintenance program is finished. The program began July 10, and included repairs to Millington Way, Woodline Drive, Restoration Drive, Prairie Drive, Longwood Place, Advent Court, Hickory Drive, Walnut Street, Plum Street, Jim Simmons Trail, the alley next to Trinity Church, and Fifth Street.