With technology evolving constantly, village leaders want to attract the companies in the loop.

With technology evolving constantly, village leaders want to attract the companies in the loop.

New Albany will host a TechStart meeting for entrepreneurs, economic-development professionals and city and county officials Thursday, May 15, at the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts, 100 W. Dublin-Granville Road.

The TechStart program is led by nonprofit group TechColumbus, which helps find funding and gives assistance to startup technical businesses in central Ohio.

In February, New Albany Village Council approved final appropriations for a TechColumbus project to bring 10 new businesses to the village in the next three years. The agreement also requires TechStart to open an office in New Albany to serve central Ohio.

"This is the kickoff for our program here in New Albany," Mayor Nancy Ferguson said. "We're trying to attract startup businesses to New Albany."

New Albany will pay $750,000 over the next three years to be a founding partner in the TechColumbus "Incubator" (business development) program. State funds will used, as well. The village received a grant that gives the village a 2-1 match, totaling $1.5-million.

The village will focus on attracting technical and biomedical businesses.

"We have the surgical hospital. They do remote surgeries. They have the top surgeons in the U.S. there," Ferguson said. "There are ancillary businesses that support that type of business. Also, we have become sort of a retail-clothing mecca with Tween and Abercrombie. There are ancillary services for them. We're hoping to attract them, too."

Ferguson said the village usually targets established businesses when recruiting, but this program should bring 10 new businesses to close proximity.

"The fact that there could be 10 companies located in the same building, there would be great synergy," she said.

With the new businesses in the same building, Ferguson said, TechColumbus easily would be able to provide them with advice, education and seminars.

"TechColumbus provides business help. They'll have a staff member to help these businesses," Ferguson said.

In addition to TechColumbus' help, New Albany has fiber-optic networks to offer technical businesses.

"We're one of the very few communities that has fiber optics," Ferguson said.

The TechStart meeting, slated for 7:30 to 9 a.m. May 15, will highlight programs and available funding for businesses. Ferguson and village administrator Joe Stefanov will speak about opportunities available in New Albany.

"This will be the launch," Ferguson said. "There will be people here who have ideas for new companies who will come out to New Albany to see what kind of support we will be providing."

The TechStart meeting is free, but reservations are required and should be made online at www.techcolumbus.org.

TechStart serves 15 counties in the central Ohio region.


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