Dawn Carroll wants her brother to be honored.

Dawn Carroll wants her brother to be honored.

Capt. Shawn English, a New Albany native and 1990 New Albany High School graduate, died in Iraq in December 2006, but his name has not been added to the local veterans memorial yet.

"My whole point in doing this was to have my brother's name put on the monument," Carroll said. "My brother served this country valiantly and left behind three kids and a wife."

Although she's talked to the village and township about it in the past, she said, Carroll's visit to last week's Plain Township trustees meeting got the ball rolling.

"We had a serviceman from the community that died in Iraq a year-and-a-half ago," Plain Township trustee Bud Zappitelli said. "The township has committed to pay for his name to be put on the memorial for veterans here in the community."

Trustees also decided to name Carroll head of a committee to improve the current veterans memorial and possibly move it.

"We went ahead and appointed her chairman of the veterans memorial committee. It's a group that, in addition to Carroll, you also have (township administrator) J.B. Bowe and (village councilman) Glyde Marsh," Zappitelli said. "She is going to spearhead a campaign to create a larger board. We're looking for people to contact her to get on this committee to find a more honorable place to put the memorial."

New Albany Mayor Nancy Ferguson said the township and village have been looking into ways to improve the memorial across from Wayside Flower Shop. Space for more names is limited, she said.

"The current veterans memorial is very nice, but it was built at least 30 years ago," she said. "We had a place to add veterans names on it that indicated the different wars they served in, but unfortunately, we're out of space on the monument. The last veteran we added had to be squeezed in. There is some concern if the current monument is a good way to honor our veterans."

Ferguson said village public-services director Mark Nemec has been looking into ways to fit the name. Nemec couldn't be reached for comment.

The name might not be added soon enough for Plain Township trustees, though.

"This township has committed to have the monies to put the name on (the memorial) so we can do it in the most auspicious manner possible," Zappitelli said.

"We'd like to put it on there by this weekend. It's a shame it hasn't been put on there yet."

The township is working to improve the veterans memorial, with a joint effort involving the township, village and local veterans.

Carroll said she'd like input from everyone in the community so veterans could be honored properly.

"I'm thinking about a community meeting, but we definitely need feedback from everybody," she said. "My concern is, it took two years to have Shawn's name engraved on the monument because the village and township were playing the 'it's theirs' game. I heard the village was drawing up plans for a new monument site. My question is, why move it? Why not improve it?"

The village and township previously discussed moving the memorial. About five years ago, Ferguson said, a planner suggested building a park between the village hall and police department and placing the veterans memorial in the park.

"We discussed it and thought it would be a good idea, but then we also had a lot of projects going on at that time: the arts center, the police department," she said. "At the same time, the township was giving thoughts to putting the veterans memorial into the cemetery.

"In the last six months or year, we have been revisiting it, and we need to do something better for the veterans in New Albany," Ferguson continued. "There's been some discussion with the township, but we haven't settled on one project or another. We don't have anything in the 2008 capital-improvement budget for this."

In the meantime, Carroll is hoping to collect money and ideas for the memorial and hold a community meeting soon.

"I do invite any community member to please come to a meeting. I'd love to hear feedback, and if anyone would like to donate money, great," she said. "This means a lot to me. When the (trustees) asked me (to chair the committee), it's not something I would normally do, but my brother served this country, so I can do this."

Carroll's e-mail is cgcarrollc@peoplepc.com.