Plain Township will take its seats on the Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord panel for the first time next month.

Plain Township will take its seats on the Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord panel for the first time next month.

As part of the Metro Parks agreement, Plain Township joined the Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord, and trustees appointed representatives last week.

The appointment of two members and one at-large recommendation to the panel was discussed at trustees' June 4 meeting, but trustee Don Shoemaker did not want to make appointments because he had not seen all of the résumés.

Shoemaker said last week that he still had not seen résumés and wanted to meet people before appointing them.

Trustee Bud Zappitelli was hesitant to wait on the appointments, though.

"I don't want to delay this," he said. "You should have searched this out. É You're allowing the township to be unrepresented with the Rocky Fork-Blacklick Accord because of your failure to do anything."

The appointments were tabled until trustee David Ferguson, who had been delayed on a trip, arrived later in the meeting.

Shoemaker nominated Don Ballard, a former Plain Township zoning commission member, to one seat on the accord, and trustees unanimously approved it.

Zappitelli nominated Gary Stelluti, who resides in the village or incorporated area of the township, to the other seat. Stelluti's nomination also was approved in a unanimous vote.

During the appointments, Zappitelli focused on the importance of getting representatives from every part of the community on the board.

"We are a community of one," he said. "It's wrong to discriminate."

Trustees nominated Ron Lachey, who lives in Columbus' win-win area of the school district, as an at-large member. The other entities involved in the accord -- Columbus and New Albany -- must approve the at-large member, as well.

The next meeting for the accord is scheduled for July 17.

In other township news, trustees approved a resolution to "start reviewing drainage improvements in the Bevelhymer Road runoff area."

Trustees began dialogue with New Albany and Columbus on drainage problems in the area. They also are planning road improvements to Bevelhymer Road, including widening the road.

The resolution passed last week does not require any township money to be spent, but it does mean conversations on improving the area will continue.

The township also is looking into alternative energy sources, including a windmill or solar power, for the pool.

Township administrator J.B. Bowe told trustees he had been talking to organizations that use solar power and windmills locally. Before any use of alternative energy sources may be used, Bowe said, data must be collected to ensure the township selects the most economically feasible choice.

"This area doesn't have enough data to recommend a windmill," he said.

Bowe said he also met with local environmentalist Bill Resch, who agreed to install a meter on the cellular tower on school property to monitor wind in the area.