New Albany voters will see two local tax issues on the ballot next week.

New Albany voters will see two local tax issues on the ballot next week.

The New Albany-Plain Local School District and Plain Township Fire Department both have levies for operating funds on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Issue 71 is a 2.5-mill operating levy for the Plain Township Fire Department. Officials said the $1.6-million generated annually from the levy would help the fire department maintain current operations, keep up with growth and maintain scheduled replacements for vehicles and equipment.

It also would help the department avoid a $270,000 deficit in 2009.

If approved by voters, the 2.5-mill levy would cost an additional $77 per $100,000 of assessed property value.

The majority of the fire department's operations currently are being funded by 9.7 voted mills that are collected at about 3.9 mills because of state-mandated property-tax reduction.

The last fire levy on the ballot was in 2000, when the department pledged to make the 2.7-mill levy last for five years. The fire department instead went eight years without an increase and fire Chief John Hoovler has said he'd like to make the 2.5-mill levy last another five years.

Issue 79 is a 24.4-mill continuing operating levy for the school district that would account for half of the district's revenue if approved by voters next week.

The levy would replace a 20.7-mill emergency operating levy approved by voters in 2006. The 20.7-mill levy will stop collecting in December 2009, and the levy on the Nov. 4 ballot would start collecting in January 2010.

Issue 79 is a 3.87-mill increase over the 20.7-mill levy that's currently being collected. Currently, residents pay $629 per $100,000 of assessed property value.

If approved, the levy will mean an increase of $118 per $100,000 of assessed property value annually, or a total of $747 per $100,000.

Unlike the two previous tax requests from the school district, issue 79 is an operating levy that funds such day-to-day operations as supplies, utilities, teachers and other staff. The levy also would help cover the cost of 500 additional students expected over the next three years.

The continuing levy is a first for the district. Previously, emergency operating levies have been used in a three-year cycle. District officials said a continuing levy would keep the district from returning to voters with large requests. Future levies will be incremental.

In some parts of the community, residents also will have to cast votes on weekday and Sunday liquor sales at 5525 to 5527 New Albany Road West for NS Market Ventures LLC. Weekday and Sunday sales also are being requested by NS Market Ventures LLC, 5481 New Albany Road West.