Orange barrels will be one thing in store for New Albany residents in the new year.

Orange barrels will be one thing in store for New Albany residents in the new year.

The village has several projects on tap for 2009, including work at the intersection of Central College and U.S. Route 62.

"The biggest project already in the pipeline is the Central College, (U.S.) Route 62 intersection," village administrator Joe Stefanov said.

According to Stefanov, the village got an Ohio Public Works grant for the project that will add left turn lanes and signalize the intersection. Designs for the project have already begun and Stefanov said the project will start and is anticipated to be completed this year as well.

A leisure trail will also be added to the area, although Stefanov said it will depend upon easements and funding.

Other projects that will erect orange barrels include resurfacing Kitzmiller Road from the corporation line to Central College Road and the Cedar Brook subdivision.

Stefanov said repaving projects are determined by age and schedule.

"We try to evaluate the condition of roads and based on that evaluation we try to schedule a certain amount of resurfacing each year," he said. "We try to focus on older roads that haven't been resurfaced in years."

The village will also look into a project to tweak the state route 161 interchange at U.S. Route 62.

"That interchange has been experiencing some backups and stacking on the 161 exit ramp," he said.

The plan so far is to reconfigure the east bound exit onto U.S. Route 62, adding two left turn lanes. U.S. Route 62 could see more work with the addition of two right turn lanes on eastbound Smith's Mill Road.

"It will accommodate more traffic during rush hour," Stefanov said.

The village also will look into work at the intersection of U.S. Route 62 and Zarley Street to improve the troublesome intersection, Stefanov said.

"That has the highest accident rate in the village," he said.

Zarley could be connected to Forrest Drive to give the road another access point.

Work on leisure trails will continue this year as the village works to close connections and link all subdivisions to the village center.

"We hope to continue the extended trail on Central College," Stefanov said.

Leisure trail could also be added on state Route 605 from Central College to Walton Parkway, and Stefanov said the village will look into making leisure trail connections on New Albany-Reynoldsburg Road.

The amount of leisure trail completed this year will depend upon funding, though.

"We have about $200,000 and that doesn't go very far given the price of asphalt," Stefanov said. "We're hoping the state of the economy will help us stretch our money further."

Work on the village's fiber network will also be done this year, expanding the capability for small businesses, Stefanov said.

"The purpose of the improvements are to enable small to medium scale users to efficiently connect to the system," he said. "Right now it's geared towards large-scale users."

Other projects on the plate for 2009 include the restoration of the Rose Run, which will be funded through a federal grant, the continuation of the village's new branding, work on updating the village charter and replacing entry signs to the village.