New Albany Village Council members and the Plain Township trustees all met this week for their regularly scheduled meetings.

New Albany Village Council members and the Plain Township trustees all met this week for their regularly scheduled meetings.

Council members met Tuesday night and heard a special presentation by local historian Dennis Keesee about a proposed veterans memorial.

Keesee said he and his committee, which has been looking into possibilities for a new memorial, identified the corner of Main and High streets as the best location.

The current memorial on Johnstown Road is full and is missing many names, Keesee said.

"We believe the corner of Main and High is the best selection," he said. "Historically, the corner has been the center of the town since it first started."

Keesee said he hopes the village could help the process by opening the village planner's office to the committee.

"We see this not as something that should be hastily accomplished," he said. "In the past, that's where we have gone astray."

Council also approved two resolutions to enter into two bidding processes for road salt.

Public-service director Mark Nemec told council he wants to go out to bid with the state because the state's bid came in lower last year at about $54 per ton. He also wants to bid with the village's regular consortium of municipalities, as was done last year.

"The plan is that we would enter into both invitations to bid," he said. "We think the state will go out first, and we will look at those numbers. The plan is to replenish the building with the first bid and refill the barn in 2010 with the second."

He said after the salt is purchased, the village could pick it up whenever it is needed.

Council also held a special executive session with the township trustees, who called a special meeting to join council members Tuesday.

According to trustee members prior to the meeting, the plan was to discuss the possible purchase of the 30-acre Windsor area that M/I Homes is looking to sell to the township.

In other matters:

The trustees met the next day (Wednesday Feb. 18) and voted to permit alcohol to be sold at the Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts for the Mach 22 New Albany Symphony Orchestra performance.

Trustee Don Shoemaker said similar resolutions come up quite often.

"This comes up on a regular basis, but in the past, we wanted to discuss it," he said.

Fellow trustee Bud Zappitelli said the board has the authority to allow township administrator J.B. Bowe to make this decision. He also mentioned setting certain restrictions on selling alcohol, such as only during certain times of the day.

Trustees also voted to adopt the Smart Growth Coalition's "Community of One" document that was published last May. The trustees are the last of the three participating entities to approve the document.

Fire Chief John Hoovler told trustees workers are settling into the new MECC facility at Creekside in Gahanna.

He asked trustees to pass seven resolutions, most of which had to do with the payment.

Hoovler reminded trustees that the township would be reimbursed for expenses to the MECC via incoming grants.