ThisWeek Staff Writers

Although no action was taken after the joint executive session with New Albany Village Council members and the Plain Township trustees Feb. 17, some local leaders already have decided how they would vote on the proposed Windsor purchase.

Trustee Don Shoemaker last week spoke against the proposed joint purchase of 30 acres in the village center. He called the potential community purchase "inconsistent" with the area's planning and that the deal is only because homes, such as the ones M/I Homes had planned to build on the site, are not selling.

"New Albany did not become the well-planned community that we enjoy today by making these types of quick decisions," he said in a letter written with commission member Keith Morris.

He also mentioned that the price put on the land is "senseless for a park."

The current price being discussed is close to $4-million.

He mentioned that other land, such as an area near the current Bevelhymer Park, could be purchased for much less.

Trustee Bud Zappitelli said he doesn't think the New Albany-Plain Local School District should have any role in purchasing the land.

"I am absolutely opposed to any plan to divert $1-million or more of school operating funds for the purpose of buying the 30-acre M/I Windsor land," Zappitelli wrote in an e-mail to school board president Diane Goedeking.

He said he would support the purchase only if it were a joint purchase between the village and the township.

Goedeking told ThisWeek a few weeks ago that the job of the district is to acquire land as a part of the central campus.

"Right now our funding doesn't provide additional funds for acquiring land," she said. "I question the Windsor property as part of our strategic plan. I would prefer if and when funding becomes available, we purchase land that is contiguous to the land we have now. I know that in today's five-year forecast, the purchase of that property is not part of the forecast."