To the editor:

To the editor:

As election season approaches, notice that none of the NA-PLS incumbents has chosen to seek re-election. I see that as a huge plus for our community.

Due in no small part to this board's ineffectiveness, we are currently saddled with overcrowded schools, underpowered curricula and an ineffective administration, devoid of the trust of the community. We are woefully unprepared for the changes taking place in education at the state and federal levels. It is time for the existing board to slow down and for us as a community to engage in the process and vet the candidates.

Unfortunately, at this point I think we as a community should insist that this lame-duck board bring board activity to a grinding halt.

The only agenda items on which they should deliberate or vote should be those items deemed vital but that have no effect on the children, the staff and our community past January 2010.

The challenges our school district faces are great and far-reaching, which is exactly why we should wait for the arrival of those who have great desire to face them head on with board member Mark Ryan. The current board members who have chosen to abdicate their roles or use their roles as their personal soapboxes should quietly step aside.

Call, e-mail and visit with the candidates and judge them for yourself. We have an extraordinary opportunity here. Our schools are at a crossroads, and it is vital that we all insist on slowing things down to a crawl while immersing ourselves in vetting those who will lead us into the future so that we can truly move forward. The school board is accountable to each and every one of us. It's time its members start acting like it.

Ross La Perna

New Albany