Local New Albany candidates have not raised or spent much on their campaigns this election season.

Local New Albany candidates have not raised or spent much on their campaigns this election season.

Seven candidates submitted their pre-election fillings as of the Oct. 22 deadline, which represents filings through Oct. 4.

Council candidates Shirli Billings, Edward (Chip) Fellows, Glyde Marsh and Sloan Spalding, in addition to Plain Township trustee candidates Eugene (Bud) Zappitelli and David Olmstead and New Albany-Plain Local board of education candidate Cheri Lehmann submitted their campaign-contribution filings.

According to Ben Piscitelli, spokesman for the Franklin County Board of Elections, the other candidates were not required to submit reports because they did not meet the threshold of raising at least $2,000 or collecting more than $100 from any single contributor during the election period.

Billings, whose treasurer is Laura Hill, received $600 from Veda Nami and Lila and Luvern Cunningham. Billings also contributed $600 to her campaign in addition to the $1,048.57 she contributed as in-kind donations.

Fellows' report shows he contributed $3,000 to his own campaign. He received no other donations. His treasurer is Christy Arenschield.

Marsh's submitted report shows he did not receive any campaign contributions.

Spalding, whose treasurer is Elizabeth Murch, received a total of $450 from David Gormley, Ronn Kolbash, Lauren Spalding and M. Chance Spalding. He also contributed $2,000 of his own money to his campaign under "other income."

Zappitelli's initial campaign-finance report shows he has not received any contributions during this campaign. He carried over $102.58 from his previous finance report, though. His treasurer is Kathleen Zappitelli.

Olmstead's report shows he contributed $50 in addition to $1,898.15 in in-kind donations to his campaign. He received no other donations. His report lists himself as his own treasurer.

Lehmann, whose treasurer is James Henry, received $2,370, including $1,000 from the New Albany Co. She received donations from James and Frances Henry, NACo., Bill Resch, Ben Hale, James Lambright, Steve Fate, Heather and David Goodman, Philip Derrow, Paul Kosling, Amy Kellogg, Francis and Leigh Anne Strahler, Cynthia Snyder, Susan and Brent Bradbury, Yarger Wealth Strategies, Lisa Puris-Hinson and Jeff Blunt.

According to the Ohio Secretary of State's Web site, candidates must submit another report Dec. 11 and their annual report Jan. 29, 2010.

To view the candidates' campaign-finance reports, visit http://yournewalbany.thisweeknews.com.