Kevin and Travis Wolf hope to make a difference for the people of Haiti.

Kevin and Travis Wolf hope to make a difference for the people of Haiti.

The brothers, a New Albany High School junior and freshman, respectively, recently wrote and performed a song for their classmates to raise awareness -- and, hopefully, money -- for the Haiti relief effort.

Kevin said they wrote the song to promote the NAHS Rotary Interact Club's sale of wristbands, from which 100 percent of the proceeds would go to the American Red Cross for Haiti relief.

Though the bands are not on sale yet, the brothers said they wanted to start drawing attention to the fundraiser.

They did that through their song, which was written to the tune of rapper Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" and described conditions in the earthquake-ravaged country.

Travis rapped:

But with a donation

You can help this nation

All of my students

The issue is prudent, 200,000 dead

Lives hanging by a thread.

The song was performed at the school's Black History Month celebration earlier this month.

Kevin played piano and Travis sang, along with seniors Krystal Worrell, Lori Kelly, Kiri Johnston and Lauren Nelson. Junior Brian Erlichman played the drums.

Kevin said they wanted to do something for the earthquake victims.

"We felt obligated to do something, and we have the ability to write the song," he said.

Travis said it was nice to be able to help others.

"I think everyone wanted to do something," Travis said. "It's kind of hard. We're kids; we don't really have money. What we could do is attract attention to it."

He said he wants to let his classmates know that everyone can help.

"Even in our school, if everyone gave $1, it would be over $1,000," Travis said.

The brothers said they hope to perform their song again during the school's Peace Week in the spring. The wristbands will be on sale at that time.