The Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts needs some signs, according to local officials.

The Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts needs some signs, according to local officials.

"I think aesthetically it (banners) would look nice," Mayor Nancy Ferguson told New Albany Village Council on July 20.

Ferguson said hanging banners on the Dublin-Granville Road side of the building would alert residents to upcoming events at the McCoy center. She told council that the banners could cost about $1,500 each and said the center probably would need six banners to advertise each main event. She said the banners were mentioned at a recent stakeholders' meeting.

Ferguson asked council to approve an expenditure of up to $2,000 to contribute to the purchase of banners. Council approved it, with council member Sloan Spalding requesting the village record how much money it contributes to the center.

The McCoy center is owned by the village of New Albany, Plain Township and the New Albany-Plain Local School District, said Ted DeDee executive director of the McCoy center.

He said the stakeholders group includes the owners, along with the New Albany Community Foundation and the Jeanne B. McCoy Center Community Center for the Arts Inc., the nonprofit group formed to schedule community events at the center.

DeDee said a "preliminary" discussion of the banners occurred at the recent meeting, but no one was sure if they could be used. Ferguson said the village would have to consult its sign code, which is in the process of being updated.

Council member Colleen Briscoe said if the McCoy center cannot put a sign in front that announces events, the banners might be one of the only ways to advertise upcoming events.

The McCoy center opened four years ago and, at that time, there was no money left in the budget for a sign, DeDee said. He said the center still does not have the money, which is how the idea of splitting or sharing the cost of banners was generated.

Craig Mohre, president of the New Albany Community Foundation, said the foundation board has not yet heard the funding request.

Dave Ferguson, chair of the Plain Township Board of Trustees, said he received e-mails about the proposed project, but it was not discussed at the last trustees meeting July 22.