Three years ago, the New Albany-Plain Local Board of Education made three promises to the community.

To the editor:

Three years ago, the New Albany-Plain Local Board of Education made three promises to the community.

We promised to deliver new and innovative leadership, improve financial management and provide more opportunities and higher achievement for students.

Promises made. Promises kept.

We have a dynamic and visionary leader in Superintendent April Domine. April has restructured the leadership team to support a comprehensive K-12 curriculum focusing on data to drive instruction, strengthened community partnerships and secured grant funding for enriched educational opportunities for students.

The board has improved financial management by establishing the Financial Review and Reporting Committee. The FRRC, which includes a business owner, an accountant, an attorney and an economist, provide guidance to the school district in all areas of financial management. Its advice has helped reduce expenses by more than $3 million despite significant enrollment growth.

For the first time, New Albany High School was named a top high school by Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report. Our students also were highlighted in a New York Times story on the robot theater program, which is believed to be the only high school program of its type in the nation.

We have kept our promises.

However, our schools are at a crossroad. The campus is 700 students over capacity. We've managed the growth by repurposing space, increasing class size and using trailers, but we simply have run out of room.

That is why we are asking for support Issue 50. It will provide space for 1,200 students, enough to meet our needs for the next 10 years. It also will fund district operations for two more years.

New Albany-Plain Local is becoming the district that others aspire to be, the centerpiece of the community, providing the foundation from which graduates soar. We ask for your continued commitment to our students, schools and community.

The New Albany-Plain Local Board of Education

Laura Kohler, President

Mike Klein, Vice President

Cheri Lehmann

Natalie Matt

Mark Ryan