City officials will roll into Karmel Morse Manor May 9 in preparation for Neighborhood Pride.

City officials will roll into Karmel Morse Manor May 9 in preparation for Neighborhood Pride.

The Northland neighborhood was one of six communities selected by Columbus as a 2008 Pride neighborhood. Pride Week in Karmel Morse Manor will take place June 23-27.

To prepare for Pride Week, city officials will take a bus tour of the neighborhood next week to identify concerns and areas that should be addressed as part of Neighborhood Pride, said Beth Fairman Kinney, a Neighborhood Services community relations representative for Columbus.

"We're going to go through every street and every alley," Kinney said.

Prior to Pride Week, she said Columbus code enforcement officers also will go around the neighborhood to identify code violations and provide violators with "friendly notices" notifying them of the violations.

"It's educational," Kinney said. "Not everyone knows some of the code things."

During Pride Week, Kinney said streetlights will be inspected, the neighborhood will be cleaned up and potholes will be filled.

One June 24, the city will hold a Neighborhood Safety Academy, and on June 1, Mayor Michael Coleman will visit to speak with residents.

Kinney said pride weeks also usually include a Bicycle Safety Festival at a local school. Because planners prefer that the festivals take place during the school year, Kinney said that event will take place June 3 at Valley Forge Elementary.

Northland Community Council president Dave Paul said he was pleased to see that a Northland neighborhood was chosen once again for the Neighborhood Pride program.

"We think it's been very helpful," Paul said.

He said the program encourages residents to come together to clean up the neighborhood, which helps the local civic association unify its residents.

The program also helps to check neighborhood infrastructure, Paul said, which is especially important in Northland's aging neighborhoods.

"Many of our communities within the NCC are older communities that can benefit from infrastructure improvements," he said.

In 2006, Maize Morse was chosen as a pride neighborhood, and in 2007, the city hosted a mini-pride event at the Gillie Senior Center.

Paul said with the size of the Northland area, which comprises one-eighth of the city's population, it's good that officials have made an effort to visit the area as part of Neighborhood Pride.

"It makes sense that the Northland area is represented each year," Paul said.

To be chosen for Neighborhood Pride, Kinney said Karmel Morse Manor submitted an application and met several criteria before being selected for the program by the mayor.

"They applied last year, so we were very glad they applied again this year because they were not selected," Kinney said.

Close to 20 neighborhoods applied to be part of the 2008 Neighborhood Pride program this year, Kinney said.

More information about Karmel Morse Manor's Pride Week can be found on the Neighborhood Pride portion of the city's Web site,