The Rev. Don Wallick has done what might be described as pretty much the "full Ohio."

The Rev. Don Wallick has done what might be described as pretty much the "full Ohio."

He was born in Chillicothe, spent the first six weeks of his life in Waverly and after that lived in Columbus, Marietta, Columbus again, Mansfield, Avon Lake and Wadsworth. He attended Bowling Green State University after which he worked in Toledo. From there he went on to seminary in Dayton. His first church posting was in Toledo followed by Batavia. He has been in the Columbus area since 1999.

Wallick is now minister of the Church of the Good Shepherd in the Sharon Woods neighborhood. The United Methodist congregation will be celebrating a 40th anniversary in mid-November.

The road to the ministry for Wallick, whose father worked for Aetna Insurance and kept getting promotions that meant new postings when his son was little, was not all that direct. In fact, he was a broadcast journalism major at BGSU and at 23, practically fresh out of college, found himself news director at a talk radio station in Toledo.

Wallick also found himself on his sofa one summer night, after three months without a day off, experiencing chest pains at the age of 23.

"That moment got my attention," Wallick said last week.

He began to suspect that maybe he ought to be doing something else with his life, and recalled how much he had enjoyed a campus ministry experience back in Bowling Green.

Wallick left radio news to attend seminary in Dayton, but initially planned a career not in the ministry but in academia.

He planned to go on to get his Ph.D. and become a teacher.

However, seminary school required serving time as a student pastor, which Wallick did in 1990.

He had found that something else that he ought to be doing.

Wallick has been at Church of the Good Shepherd since Sept. 1, 2006.

-- Kevin Parks