Can a Twitter account be far behind?

Can a Twitter account be far behind?

The secretary of the Northland Community Council, Roseann Hicks, is setting up a Facebook account for the NCC.

Hicks, elected president of the Northland Area Business Association in December, already has created a presence for NABA on the social networking site.

While Facebook is primarily a means for individuals to connect and reconnect with one another in cyberspace, businesses and nonprofit organizations have come to have a presence on the site.

"It's just another portal for us to connect to people, to share information with them and for people to share information with us," Hicks said last week.

She not only wants to set up the NCC account but also hopes to keep both the NCC and NABA accounts updated.

"It's something that we can eventually link from the NCC Web page," Hicks said. "Web sites are nice, but mostly they're just one way in terms of information.

"Ultimately we're here to serve the community, but if we're not giving the community every opportunity to share information with us, we're not doing the best job."

The NCC Facebook account, Hicks added, might also afford similar organizations in the area and around the country the opportunity to share approaches to neighborhood problems and issues, as well as to learn how they're handled by Northland community groups and organizations.