Planning continues apace for a major walking event this call in the Northland area.

Planning continues apace for a major walking event this call in the Northland area.

The Northland Community Walk to the Y is to take place on Saturday, Oct. 2, as civic groups, local organizations, churches and anyone and everyone interested in a nice stroll is being invited to participate.

The event is being put on by the North Side Health Advisory Committee, a group of local citizens brought together by Columbus Public Health officials to offer advice on the specific needs of, initially, the Northland area and eventually the entire North Side.

The walk, which would conclude at the North YMCA around noon that day, would be followed by a health fair on the grounds and inside the facility.

This event, according to Mathew S. Baldwin, the Columbus Public Health management analyst who serves as the facilitator for the advisory committee, "pulls together all the threads of what we're trying to do."

Dawn Patterson, an employee of the North YMCA, is serving as chairwoman of the subcommittee laying plans for the Walk to the Y.

"It seems to get bigger and bigger each time we meet," she said in an update last week to the members of the full advisory panel during their monthly meeting.

Patterson and the members of her subcommittee are ironing out details for how to make personal contact with as many neighborhood organizations, civic association, churches and other groups in the area to encourage them to form walking teams in preparation for Oct. 2.

"We're going to make this just a big event for anyone and everyone we can think to invite," she said.

"We want to be the catalyst to get people moving," commented advisory committee co-chairwoman Sandy LaFollette.

Baldwin pointed out that any walking groups formed to participate in the Walk to the Y would be under no obligation to wait until Oct. 2 to start ambling about.

As part of the post-walk events at the YMCA, Patterson said that she and others in her group would be contacting area restaurants and grocery stores about selling healthy items at the fair as well as offering free samples to walk participants.

Patterson added that, with so much ground to cover in putting the Northland Community Walk to the Y together, additional volunteer help on the subcommittee would be appreciated.

"The more the merrier," she said.

The next meeting of the subcommittee is set for Wednesday, Aug. 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the North YMCA, 1640 Sandalwood Place.