Babushka's Kitchen is taking its kielbasa to the Northland area.

Babushka's Kitchen is taking its kielbasa to the Northland area.

The Polish restaurant's owner announced late last week that he would close the Clintonville location, 4675 N. High St., as of Saturday, July 21, and would reopen at 5173 Sinclair Road.

"Get back up and running soon," customer Sarah Miller pleaded on the restaurant's Facebook page in response to the announcement. "I need my kolacky!"

One of the main reasons for the move, owner Dennis Bennett said last week, is that he can get a liquor license at the new site, formerly the Merchant of India restaurant and grocery store.

"Another part is the economics of the building," Bennett said of the Beechwold Center, former home of Scottie MacBean. "It's a building that just costs a lot to run. It's too big for us."

The goal is to open in the Sinclair Road strip center no later than a month after closing the Clintonville restaurant, according to the owner. It helps that the new location was a restaurant and has been closed only about a year, Bennett said.

"We have to do a very minimal amount of construction," he said.

Bennett said his wife feels taking only two weeks to a month to get the new location ready for opening is overly ambitious.

"If we set the plan for two weeks and it takes three weeks, then I'm in pretty good shape," he said.

Babushka's Kitchen opened on North High Street in January 2011.

There are also Babushka's Kitchen Polish Heritage restaurants in Independence and Northfield Center, both near Cleveland.

Bennett said he doubts shifting the site of his restaurant to slightly more than a mile away will discourage any of his customers.

"Because our particular ethnic niche is still fairly new to Columbus, we are a destination restaurant," he said. "There aren't a lot of people who stumble across us. They've heard about us and searched us out.

"We have a lot broader reach than a lot of other restaurants."

In fact, he said, some customers regularly visit from as far away as Ashland, Ky.

Not everyone responding to the Facebook notice was delighted by the news.

"Sigh," wrote Barbara Berger. "It was walking distance on High Street. We'll miss you."