The Dublin Scioto High School drumline will be part of this year's Emerald City Games.

The Dublin Scioto High School drumline will be part of this year's Emerald City Games.

The July 30 Drum Corps International show that draws drum and bugle corps from throughout the country will include a drumline battle for the first time, with local performers thrown into the mix.

"The drumline battle is a new concept Drum Corps International is starting this year," said Gary Hodges, event organizer.

"It's sort of like ... I can do better than you."

For the contest, two drumlines will enter a designated area of the field and face off, first with two-minute routines and then 90-second routines.

"During the routine, they can move around, but all the equipment has to be carried," Hodges said.

Three judges will decide the winner of the battle and could call on the audience to help.

"The decision will be made on which one was more entertaining," Hodges said.

"It's more about entertaining than performance execution."

The drumlines in the inaugural contest are from Dublin Scioto High School, Watkins Memorial High School near Pataskala, and the Saints.

"It's an inner city group of students and they've come out and performed at preshow at the Emerald City Games before," Hodges said of the Saints.

Along with the first drumline battle, eight Drum Corps International groups of musicians ages 14-22 will perform.

The Blue Knights, Blue Stars, Oregon Crusaders, Santa Clara Vanguard, Vanguard Cadets, Spirit of Atlanta, The Academy and Troopers are in the lineup this year.

The drum corps come from throughout the country and Canada.

Members try out for the groups that spend the summer traveling from competition to competition.

Four groups in the lineup are new to the Emerald City Games, Hodges said.

"The Academy from Tempe, Ariz.; Blue Knights from Denver, Colo.; Santa Clara Vanguard, from Santa Clara and Vanguard Cadets are new," he said.

A few of the corps have been snagging high scores at competitions so far.

"The Santa Clara Vanguard is world class," Hodges said. "It's made of older students and they travel more.

"They have a feeder corps, the Vanguard Cadets. They're from the same organization, but with younger students," he said.

"We have seven world-class corps and one open class."

The Santa Clara group has maintained a standing in the top 12 in the International Drum Corps since the organization was established in 1973, Hodges said.

The group's drumline has met no equal this year, he said.

"I'm also excited for the Spirit of Atlanta," Hodges said.

"Traditionally, the Spirit of Atlanta and Blue Stars always have really good shows," he said, adding that they have appeal because of recognizable songs.

"It'll be a variety of things ... . There will be different uniforms and different types of music. It should be interesting."

The Emerald City Music Games are slated to start with the drumline battle at 6 p.m. and the Drum Corps International competition at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 30, in the Dublin Coffman High School stadium, 6780 Coffman Road.

Tickets range from $20 to $35 and can be purchased online at Tickets will also be available at the gate July 30 starting at 3:30 p.m.