Cancer treatments can sap patients of their energy and ratchet up their stress level.

Cancer treatments can sap patients of their energy and ratchet up their stress level.

Amanda Ralph, a Northwest Side resident whose own cancer is currently in "relapse," as she phrased it, led an edition of The Journey last week at the nonprofit Cancer Support Community Central Ohio's facility on Old Henderson Road that's intended to help with controlling energy and easing stress.

The Journey is an ongoing series of different programs that introduce cancer patients, cancer survivors, family and friends to various aspects of healing.

Ralph is a certified practitioner of Oregon-based Eden Energy Medicine, which she said was developed by a woman who had a heart attack at the age of 27 and then was forced by multiple sclerosis to use a wheelchair by the time she was 32, but fought back from both of those conditions.

"She took techniques that seemed to work for her and when she became healthy she started working with other people," Ralph said.

"It has to do with balancing energy," she continued.

"Cancer is a difficult thing, and medicines can do so much, but only so much, and they're very hard on the body," Ralph said. "I very much believe that a lot of the problems that we have are in our energy field before they manifest in our body, so I wanted to work with the energy field."

Ralph said had been doing qigong, an ancient form of Chinese martial art that's also a regular program at Cancer Support Community, for several years while dealing with cancer.

When it went into remission, she said she wanted to branch out into other areas that will help the body's healing powers, and hit upon Eden Energy Medicine.

"It sounded promising," Ralph said.

Energy Medicine awakens energies that bring resilience, joy and enthusiasm to a person's life, and greater vitality to their body, according to the website for the system developed by Donna Eden.

After exploring the concepts behind Eden Energy Medicine, Ralph went to a month-long training program at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, N.Y., to become a certified practitioner.

"It's much more directly working with the body, with specific energies to make the energies balance," Ralph said. "It's an approach that doesn't actually work on an illness. With a healthy energy balance, you're much more likely to be well.

"Some of the things are sort of deceptively simple, some of the movements, the protocols and things like," Ralph said.

"To grasp the entirety of Eden Energy Medicine, I think you could do it for years."

Ralph presented an Eden program at Cancer Support Community last year after undergoing her certification, and she said she would be happy to offer more in the future.