After more than two years of work behind the scenes, Powell's veterans memorial is taking shape.

After more than two years of work behind the scenes, Powell's veterans memorial is taking shape.

Work was started Tuesday to install a monument at the city's Village Green, 47 Hall St.

The monument will include six granite monoliths commemorating each branch of the armed forces and POWs-MIAs.

The bases for the monoliths were excavated and poured and the granite monoliths are expected to be installed in the coming days, said Kathryn Gerke, vice president of the Greater Powell Veterans Memorial Foundation, the nonprofit group formed in 2005 to raise funds for the project.

After the monoliths are installed, paver bricks will be laid, many inscribed with names of vets which are being honored, or donors.

The group plans a dedication ceremony immediately after the city's Memorial Day parade, May 26.

"The Columbus Catholic War Veterans are coming, some of the members from the Ohio Military Hall of Fame are coming, and many others," Gerke said last week in an e-mail. "This is something that I am hopeful will bring pride and honor to our community and we should all be honored to have been a part of it."

The foundation had a ceremonial groundbreaking last Memorial Day, but until this week no construction had started.

The project was first approved by Powell City Council in 2005.

Since then, the nonprofit foundation has been raising money for its construction.

The idea for the memorial stemmed from the death of Pfc. Nick Zimmer. On May 30, 2004, while working as a loader with an M1A1 Abrams tank in Kufa, Iraq, he was killed in a rocket-propelled grenade blast. He was a tank driver.

Zimmer's family lives in Delaware County.

"When he passed away, the group was thinking, 'What can we do for the family?' This (memorial) is what evolved," Gerke said in 2005. "This memorial for all our veterans past, present and future."

For those interested in donating to the project, paver bricks can still be purchased, Gerke said.

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