Olentangy High School students will perform the mystery "Holes" on five days at the school theatre, 675 Lewis Center Road.

Olentangy High School students will perform the mystery "Holes" on five days at the school theatre, 675 Lewis Center Road.

Performances are scheduled at 7 p.m. April 30, May 1 and 8. Two shows are planned at 2 and 7 p.m. May 9. A 2 p.m. show will be performed on May 10.

"It is adapted from the young adult literature book of the same name by Louis Sachar," said Sarah Tobin, drama director. "Disney made it into a movie a few years ago. It's about juvenile delinquents sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes as their punishment."

Senior Kevin Doyle, student director, said the play has a cast of predominantly male delinquents, but Olentangy's production has two casts -- one each of male and female delinquents.

"We did two casts because of the talent level," Doyle said. "We thought it unfair to close off the girls or the boys. We thought it was best to have two casts."

Junior Blake Sheldon plays Stanley Yelnats, who is falsely accused and convicted of stealing the shoes of a famous athlete.

"He's the main character and he doesn't fit in well," he said. "Stanley's dorky, clumsy and trying to fit in. I like that he is the odd one out and that he doesn't understand how to be cool."

Senior Whitney Weber plays Warden Walker, the great-granddaughter of the founder of the once-thriving town of Green Lake that stood where the desolate Camp Green Lake is located.

"I'm running the camp that the delinquents go to," Weber said. "I'm not a nice person, but I happen to like my character because she's her own woman, very independent. She doesn't need anybody help her, but she's good at getting people to do things for her. She's in control, and when she walks in everybody listens."

Senior Alexa Carson plays Kissin' Kate Barlow, who 100 years before Camp Green Lake was formed buried the loot from her years as a bank and stage-coach robber. It is the buried loot that Warden Walker is searching for when she sends the delinquents out to dig holes.

"I form the background of the story," Carson said. "She's a good girl gone bad. I like that she has a huge change. At first she's very innocent and sweet. After her lover is killed she has a transformation and turns into a crazy outlaw."

Tobin said the play is enjoyable.

"It's very family-oriented and a lot of fun for all ages," Tobin said. "There's something for everyone in this production. We've all been accused of doing something we haven't done -- talking in class or something larger."

Tickets will be available at the door and cost $10 for adults and $6 for students and senior citizens. Tickets can be ordered in advance by calling (740) 657-4191 and asking for the box office.