As is typical for the season, numerous road and sidewalk repairs are planned for Powell this summer.

As is typical for the season, numerous road and sidewalk repairs are planned for Powell this summer.

City council last week approved, on first reading, three construction contracts totaling $550,589.

The bid for the 2009 sidewalk repair and replacement program went to G. Marchi & Son's. The city already has notified residents whose sidewalks are included in this year's program. The bid was for $25,076.

Those residents who preferred to hire their own contractors to perform the work already have notified the city and "opted out" of the program. Residents who are having the city perform the work will pay the cost either in a lump sum payment or through property assessment.

"In previous years of our sidewalk program, the bids came in about $13 per square foot and this year the bids came in at $7 per square foot," city manager Steve Lutz said. "The residents who are having their sidewalks repaired by the city are getting a very good price."

The bid for the 2009 street maintenance and repair program was awarded to Strawser Paving Co. Inc. The bid was for $471,083.

"We had very good news when we opened the street maintenance bids," Lutz said. "We received five bids. The low bid was within the appropriation that we budgeted this year, and that includes being able to fund all the alternate (streets)."

Mayor Tom Counts said the "alternate" work is that which the city has listed as needing to be done, but not planned for the 2009 street program based on estimated costs for such work. However, the economy has brought down the cost of such services.

"When we talk about alternates, it's additional work and because of the low bid we're able to do the additional work," Counts said.

Twelve areas of the city slated to receive street maintenance and repairs, documents from the meeting show. Those projects include milling and overlaying Muladore Drive between Ridge Side Drive and Paddock Circle West, milling and overlaying on Fox Run and on Cardinal Hill Lane, milling and overlaying on Grandshire Drive between Elmendorf Place and Tree Haven Avenue North and improving three intersections in that stretch. Also, South Liberty Street between Olentangy Street and the railroad track will receive full-depth pavement repairs.

The city will receive federal stimulus money for the milling and overlaying costs of the South Liberty Street repairs, Lutz said.

A bid for replacing the culvert on Retreat Lane West went to Dumar Huntson. The amount of the bid was $54,430.

The engineering department performed all the engineering for the bids, Lutz said, a change from previous years when the department used outside firms. The city saved about $100,000 by performing the work in-house, Lutz told ThisWeek.