Genoa Township trustees have set millage amounts for the police and fire levies slated to appear on the ballot in May.

Genoa Township trustees have set millage amounts for the police and fire levies slated to appear on the ballot in May.

The trustees made the decisions during a special trustees meeting on Dec. 15 after a recommendation was made by John Troy, representing the police and fire levy committee, which was created to make such proposals.

The police levy will be 3.8 mills for five years and the fire levy will be 4.7 mills for five years.

Troy proposed a 3.9-mill police levy, but trustee Dave Engleson suggested reducing the millage. He said 3.8 mills would create a $500,000 reserve for the police department and lower the amount owed by taxpayers.

The police levy is expected to generate $3.6-million for the police department annually.

Voters previously approved a 4.4-mill police levy in 2000, when the township had about 10,000 fewer people, trustee Gerry Cotter said.

"We have a lot more people to service. As much as it's difficult to increase the millage that we have right now, I think it's well within reason, given the huge increase in population and additional services we have to provide, and we're still well below the 4.4 that the police levy was in the year 2000," she said.

The trustees also approved a fire levy of 4.7 mills for five years, as suggested by the police and fire levy committee. Fire Chief Gary Honeycutt said this would allow his department to hire three additional firefighters per shift. The fire levy would generate $4.4-million for the fire department annually.

Troy said the police and fire levy committee had put in a lot of work to come up with their recommendations.

"Over the last 12 months, the police and fire levy committee has held 14 meetings at which many facets of the police and fire departments have been reviewed," Troy said.

"In evaluating the information about the departments, the committee has proceeded on the basis that the citizens of the township have a desire to maintain a high level of competence and service in both departments," he said.

In 2005, township residents passed two separate five-year, 3.3-mill levies for the police and fire departments. The township's three-year, 0.7-mill road and bridge also passed and was renewed in 2008, according to the Delaware County Board of Elections.

The township also has a roads levy committee. It's active only right preceding an election, assistant administrator Joe Clase has said.

The next road and bridge levy to fund the maintenance department will not be on the ballot until 2011.