Powell residents Diane and Bill Randolph enjoy browsing the shelves of hardware stores.

Powell residents Diane and Bill Randolph enjoy browsing the shelves of hardware stores.

So when Zettler Hardware store, 4102 W. Powell Road, opened two weeks ago, they were glad for the addition to their community.

"We're thrilled," Bill Randolph said. "Hanging out at (home improvement stores) is one of our favorite things to do. It's a nice convenience."

Diane Randolph likes the experience of the store's staff.

"They're very helpful people who can answer our questions," she said.

Dave Cherry, the store's manager, who has been with the company for 34 years, said many of the store employees have years of experience in home improvement projects such as cabinet making, construction and electrical work.

Owner Michael Zettler, whose family has been in the hardware business since 1886, said he enjoys "dealing with people, because it's rewarding helping them to solve their problems and complete their projects."

Three years ago, Zettler said, he drove into the Powell-Liberty Township area and "saw there were a lot of good things going on." He noticed the community needed a hardware store. He did some demographic research and "felt it was a great location."

The store brings 18 new jobs to the area, Zettler said, adding that number will double come spring.

The building covers 20,000 square feet with a 6,000-square-foot garden center. The garden center has its own weather station, to tell the staff when it's appropriate to open the center's glass roof.

Zettler has incorporated several ecologically friendly features into the building. The white reflects the sun's heat. Solar tubes "harvest" electricity to light the store. On sunny days, sensors will dim or shut down electric lights, Zettler said.

The garden center also has a 5,000-gallon tank to collect rain water for use in watering seasonal plants. The restrooms and offices use motion detectors to shut off the lights when the rooms are unoccupied. Sink and toilet fixtures also have shut-off sensors.

Zettler's is a full-service hardware store with services including lamp repair, cutting glass and plexiglass, sharpening blades, cutting and threading pipe, custom matching of paint, and duplicating keys, including those using computer chips.

The store also carries a variety of hard-to-find plumbing and electrical items, Zettler said, including Channellock tools and Weber grills.

Township resident Marilyn Schwaigert said she likes having a hardware store nearby. "It's great. We needed one," she said.

The store will hold several special events in January and February, and a grand opening in April, said store spokesperson Susan Fortner Bowers.

For more information, call (614) 792-9080 or visit www.zettler. doitbest.com.