Editor's note: This is one in a series of stories on salaries of elected officials in the Olentangy area.

Editor's note: This is one in a series of stories on salaries of elected officials in the Olentangy area.

Elected officials in local government prepare for and attend a number of meetings a month, field questions and complaints from residents and ensure services their constituents want and need are functioning.

This week's article looks at Berlin and Genoa Townships. The Olentangy school district includes all of Berlin and part of Genoa. Last week's story looked at Orange and Liberty townships.

Berlin Township

The three trustees each are paid $12,346 annually, said Theresa Cannon, Berlin fiscal officer. The fiscal officer is paid $21,221 annually.

These amounts are set by the Ohio Revised Code and are based on the township budget, which was $4,472,449 in 2009 and projected at $5,269,530 for 2010.

State legislation provided for a 2.8-percent increase in pay in 2008, Cannon said. The legislation then expired and no new legislation provides for raises in 2009 and 2010.

Based on incorrect information given to ThisWeek, last week's story incorrectly said Liberty and Orange trustees received increases in 2009 and 2010.

All public officials have expense reimbursement accounts, Cannon said. Items for reimbursement, which must be approved by the board of trustees, include:

For township business use of a personal vehicle, 48.5 cents per mile.

Expenses for attendance at conventions, workshops and meetings, with a maximum of $30 per day, per person, for meal allowance.

Reimbursement of purchases made for the township, excluding sales tax.

For 2009, trustee Ronald Bullard was reimbursed $755; trustee Philip Panzarella was reimbursed $712; trustee Tom D'Amico got no reimbursement; and Cannon received $533 in reimbursements.

Berlin trustees are not issued township-owned credit cards, cell phones or laptops, Cannon said, but they can be reimbursed for long distance charges on their phones for township business. They also have access to desktop computers in the township building, to which they have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Berlin's elected officials receive the same benefits as full-time employees, including medical insurance, for which the officials pay 10-percent of the cost. The insurance company determines the medical insurance costs based on health history, age, and number of subscribers. The township pays the 14-percent employer contribution of the gross salary to the public retirement fund; the trustees pay the 10-percent employee contribution.

As of Dec. 31, 2009 the following benefits were in place for the named officials listed by the annual dollar amount provided by the township:

Bullard: Medicare, $179; public retirement, $1,728; health insurance, $22,936; and workers compensation, $405.

Panzarella: Medicare, $179; public retirement, $1,728; did not subscribe to health insurance; and workers compensation, $405.

D'Amico: Medicare, $179; public retirement, $1,728; did not subscribe to health insurance; and workers compensation, $405.

Cannon: Medicare, $307; public retirement, $2,970; did not subscribe to health insurance; workers compensation, $696.

D'Amico said trustees attend bi-monthly meetings, exercise oversight for the cemeteries, the road maintenance department, zoning department and the fire department.

"We work closely with Delaware County officials in matters concerning decisions for the county infrastructure. There are times that trustees attend statewide training sessions with the Ohio Township Association. There are times when trustees attend a variety of inter-governmental agency meetings. On an annual basis, we attend zoning workshops presented by the Delaware County Prosecutor's office," D'Amico said.

Genoa Township

Genoa Township fiscal officer Pat Myers said trustees are paid $20,568 annually. The township fiscal officer is paid $28,176 annually.

The amount of pay is determined by the size of the annual budget and is regulated by the Ohio Revised Code.

The township's elected officials do not have expense accounts and were not reimbursed for expenses in 2009, Myers said. The township does not issue elected officials credit cards, cell phones or laptop computers.

The trustees and fiscal officer receive the same benefits as the township's full-time employees -- health, life, dental, short term disability and vision insurances. The employee cost per month is $30 for single coverage and $60 for family coverage.

The township's cost per month for benefits is:

Medical insurance -- $295 for single, $619 for employee and spouse, $501 for employee and children, and $917 for family.

Life insurance -the calculation is based on age and number of dependents, Myers said, but did not provide the costs

Dental insurance -- $28 for single, $54 for employee and spouse, and $96 for family.

Short term disability -- $14 for trustees and $20 for the fiscal officer.

Vision insurance is $16.

The township pays the required 14 percent of employer contribution of the official's gross salary to Ohio Public Employee Retirement System. The official pays the required 10 percent employee contribution.

The trustees and fiscal officer attend all board meetings, committee meetings and special trustee meetings, plus any other necessary time, Myers said.

Trustee chair Barbara Lewis said in an e-mail, "My commitment as a trustee definitely extends beyond meeting times, as is true of all the Genoa trustees whom I have worked with. One of our primary responsibilities is to spend taxpayer dollars wisely. This entails much research, study and public input. Besides overseeing our multi-million budget, we attend numerous meetings with citizens not only to gain their insights, but also to help them with their needs. . . . We also have built an outstanding administrative staff to further assist our residents."