This year's numerous snow storms have put a dent in Powell's street maintenance fund.

This year's numerous snow storms have put a dent in Powell's street maintenance fund.

Because the city has spent its $85,000 2010 allocation for road salt, city council on Feb. 16 approved an additional appropriation of $75,000.

"We have reached that and gone beyond, so we need to appropriate additional funds for the remainder of the year," city manager Steve Lutz told council at its Feb. 16 meeting.

"We have plenty of money, but the long term, what we had projected, is that fund balance would be spent down in about 2013. We have the money, but like many of our capital improvement funds it's the future years where we're going to have limitations," Lutz said.

The revenues for the fund come from state aid, license fees and gasoline taxes and "over the past 10 to 12 years, those revenues have been stagnant," Lutz said, noting that the fund pays for the majority of the city's summer street maintenance program.

Road salt costs the city $65 per ton, said Jeff Robinson, city spokesperson.

"We (seasonally) plan to use approximately 1,500 tons or less. It looks as though we will exceed that expectation this year," Robinson said in an e-mail. "We have used 1,479 tons of road salt for the season to date."

The city has about 120 lane miles of roadway to clear, Robinson wrote.

"The city has five large plows capable of salting and plowing. We also have three smaller trucks, used only for plowing parking lots, turn lanes and other smaller areas," he wrote.

"The city has seven full-time public service staff members, all of whom take part in plowing and salting," he wrote.

Each year when the city develops its budget, it allots an amount for overtime hours based on previous years' numbers, Robinson said.

For 2010, the city budgeted $27,500 for overtime expenses.

"Dollars, rather than hours, are budgeted, because the employees make different rates," Robinson wrote. "The budget is for the entire year and encompasses other possible overtime issues such as the Powell Festival; snow (removal at both ends of the fiscal year); weekend clean-up of parks in the summer and emergencies."

So far this year, the city has paid 515 overtime hours, about $14,770, Robinson said.