Lack of capital improvement funds led Powell City Council to pass on an opportunity to team with the Delaware County engineer's office on a road improvement project.

Lack of capital improvement funds led Powell City Council to pass on an opportunity to team with the Delaware County engineer's office on a road improvement project.

The county is upgrading several intersections along Sawmill Parkway between the Franklin County line and Seldom Seen Road, project manager Rob Riley of the engineer's office told ThisWeek.

The project will be engineered during the winter, with construction planned next summer, Riley said.

The project would install walk-don't walk crosswalk signals, reconstruct curb ramps to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and investigate "a coordinated system for those signals so that during peak travel hours (drivers) continue to get the green (signal)," Riley said.

The county invited the city to include the Rutherford Road and O'Connell Street intersections in the project. Riley said those intersections would not be included in the signal coordination because of the distance between those intersections and the county's project area.

The city is responsible for traffic signals and sidewalks at those intersections and would have to pay for the engineering and construction of any improvements.

Being part of the larger road improvement project could save money on construction costs, city engineer Rob Rice told city council Oct. 19.

Rice said the county approached the city, which would need to pay about $7,000 for the engineering costs to improve the Rutherford and O'Connell intersections.

The county is still determining the project's cost, Rice said, but estimated the city's share would be between $30,000 and $40,000.

Council members agreed Powell wouldn't have the funds for project construction unless voters approve a proposed income tax increase on the Nov. 2 ballot. The increase is slated for capital improvements.

The city has been discussing improving a bicycle path along Rutherford Road that dead ends before reaching Sawmill Parkway, because the intersection lacks sidewalk ramps, a striped crosswalk and pedestrian signals.

Several members said they didn't think O'Connell Street needs improvement now.

Council also heard:

Beggars Night will be 6-8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 31.

The city received two bids for trash hauling services. One bid was for $22 per residence per month. The winning bid by Rumpke Waste Removal & Recycling was $15.95 per residence per month, two cents less than the 2010 fee Rumpke charges the city.

Council's operations committee approved funding for a police department audio recording system. The cost is $6,819. The current equipment has failed.

Developer Vince Margello say he and two other developers were meeting to come up with solutions to concerns about downtown parking.

Resident George Black advocate support for the proposed Nov. 2 income tax increase. He said he appreciated the council's addressing the "inequity" in the income tax structure by proposing the increase for those who work in Powell. It would still be lower than what he pays in Columbus and Powell taxes, which total 3 percent. If approved by voters the increase would take Powell's rate from 0.75 to 1.5 percent. Black also said the proposed income tax increase would assure businesses that the city's infrastructure will be maintained, which won't scare businesses away.